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accumulate money for future use

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We are not called to lay aside who we most deeply are, in order to devote our time and energy to something which is supposedly more worthy.
And this, 1 believe, will be easier to do if we lay aside the jargon of "agency" even as we try to make good on the New Social History's promise of a history rooted in the experience of enslaved people.
But when the code got in the way of doing what management wanted done, Enron's board was easily persuaded to lay aside certain provisions of that code -- most notoriously, the conflict-of-interest provision.
Whether Wilson entirely succeeds in reducing the ought to an is in translating good into the optimally beneficial--into the biophilic, to use his term--is an issue we may provisionally lay aside.
Barkat decided to lay aside his active role in BRM and
Taken up to heaven she did not lay aside this saving office but by her manifold intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation.
I think we can expect Mike Atherton to lay aside the captaincy in the near future, although he has been urged not to resign in a hurry.
I am even free, if only for a moment, to lay aside the burden of goathood and take my place in the flock.
On October 19 the Washington Post demonstrated how to lay aside self-serving timidity and make a tough choice.
Talk about the happiness of the nation isn't going to mean much unless we listen to some of these simple aspirations - aspirations, essentially, for places, provisions or situations which help you lay aside anxiety and discover dimensions of yourself otherwise hidden or buried," he said.
LAY aside the form books and pick up your notepads because Anthony Peter McCoy, the most successful National Hunt jockey of all time, is heading to Glasgow.
Siniora urged Hizbullah to lay aside its belligerency and bellicosity since it happens to the only party in possession of guns in the country.
Marking the World Peace Day today, a statement from his office urged the Lebanese to lay aside contentions and concentrate on forming a new viable government amenable to all factions and sides.
We categorically lay aside any rights we may have over them.
Lay aside her professional fate (she ended up taking ``The Loh Life'' to another radio station).