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Synonyms for laxity

Synonyms for laxity

the state or quality of being negligent

Synonyms for laxity

the condition of being physiologically lax


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the quality of being lax and neglectful

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There are a lot of women who have vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy, and other issues, and this is something that seems to help," she said.
This issue is symptomatic of a laxity that has been allowed to creep into raceday procedure.
Viveve Medical says its GENEVEVE[TM] treatment offers improvement in vaginal laxity and sexual function using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to uniformly deliver volumetric heating (90 J/[cm.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare knee laxity changes in the menstrual cycle in female athletes referred to the orthopedic clinic of Imam Khomeini hospital in the north of Iran, Sari, 2013.
The only orthopaedic finding was mild laxity of the posterior drawer test compared to the contralateral limb.
The SP investigation resolved that no laxity would be tolerated in the process of investigation and added if any police personnel was found guilty of not conducting transparent investigations in cases then no concession would be made with him.
21) Wotjtys and colleagues found increased ACL laxity during the preovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle.
The laxity shown by the employers' organisation in its negotiations with the UGTT only strengthens our commitment to defend the interests of private sector workers to end up with a satisfactory salary increase," he pointed out.
Summary: Lebanon's notorious laxity when it comes to the public's security has returned in force recently, with a spate of kidnappings and violence, including a fatal "road rage" incident that was caught on video.
State Health Minister Anil Vij directed the authorities concerned to test the samples in the state laboratory and said the state government will not tolerate any laxity on the issue.
In 2007, Turkmenistan significantly accelerated its fight against drug crimes, after a long period of relative laxity under the former president, Saparmurat Niyazov.
These ACL ruptures influence the stability of the knee by increasing its rotational laxity [5] and might damage its integrity [6].
NNA - "Tripoli is in no way a scene echoing events in Syria and Iraq," minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, reiterated before interlocutors that the city shall not be subsumed into security laxity.
According to Dr Parashar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, Dubai, UAE, “Planning a body lift is very challenging in bariatric patients, as the skin laxity can involve many parts of the body such as arms, breasts, abdomen, back, buttock, bra rolls, thighs etc.
Lucknow: An Uttar Pradesh government panel on Sunday accused a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) of inciting Saharanpur riots, besides blaming laxity by local officials, sparking a war of words among parties with BJP dismissing the report as "politically motivated" and an attempt by ruling Samajwadi Party to hide its "failures".