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stimulating evacuation of feces


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Parents were asked to complete abdominal massage for 20 minutes per day (as preferred eg, five minutes x 4 or 10 minutes x 2); to record bowel movements, laxative medication use and contact with healthcare professionals over this time period.
In 2002, FDA banned it from over-the-counter laxatives, but the ingredient is still commonly used in juice drinks and supplements.
At first, laxatives seemed an easy solution to Richard's problems.
In summary, patients with chronic idiopathic constipation should be referred for specialist assessment if symptoms are severe, if a secondary cause is not identified, and if they do not respond to lifestyle changes and a regular laxative regimen.
Stimulant laxative abuse should also be stopped abruptly, but the consequences of long-term abuse are challenging.
Q: I took herbal laxatives for 10 years and now suffer from lazy bowel movements.
As far as we can determine, in the US all stool and urine specimens submitted to hospital laboratories for laxative screening are directed to a single reference laboratory.
Dulcolax(R) (bisacodyl and sodium picosulphate) is a safe(4-9) and effective contact laxative available worldwide for the gentle yet effective treatment of constipation(5-12) even over the long-term.
They contain a substance called isatin which has a laxative effect because it stimulates contractions of the large bowel.
Full workup revealed an elevated fecal magnesium level, and a concurrent diagnosis of laxative abuse was confirmed after discussion with the family.
I want to drop them off and leave them there, let them become one with the other side of the tracks, get them four mouths to feed and no welfare, have scare tactics run through them like a laxative, criticizing them for needing assistance.
Wyoming -- A recent commercial touting a laxative ended up causing some heartburn.
Status Report of the Special Working Group on Stimulant Laxative Substances in Foods (FDA Food Advisory Committee, June 8-9, 1995)
The inmate had a pre-existing back injury that was aggravated by the restraint, and had taken a laxative before being placed in the restraint.