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garden tool for mowing grass on lawns

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He had already enjoyed a successful karting career by the time the whole family became involved successfully in lawn mower racing.
These people have done something that is going to last a long time," Merle Hlavka said on Saturday after the first full-scale lawn mower racing competition in Oakridge.
The Global Lawn Mower Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the lawn mower industry.
More lawn mower maintenance tips are available at www.
Claire Davies' left index finger was partially cut off in an accident in September 2012 when her hand was caught by the blade of a Flymo lawn mower being operated by her husband, Stephen Davies, 40.
A yellow McCulloch petrol lawn mower, worth PS350, was stolen in the raid at around 12.
Monetary gifts from Cindy Ward and other local Germantown Keller Williams real estate agents went towards the purchase of a new riding lawn mower for a fellow agent and her family.
Why wouldn't lawn mower companies want to make them quieter?
Barry Foster, 53, was found sitting on his Zero Turn lawn mower not far from his home on Mount Hope Road, Recordonline.
It's estimated that 800 million gallons of gas a year go into lawn mowers and the California Air Resources Board says operating a traditional lawn mower for an hour creates the same pollution as driving a car for 13 hours.
Buy a lawn mower or gasoline-powered weed whacker in California this spring and you'll be contributing to the war on smog, not to mention reducing greenhouse gases that help cause global warming.
Fine artist, sculptor, and ceramicist Viktor Schreckengost has had an enormous impact of popular culture through his Limoges dinnerware designs, his work as a graphic artist, theater and costume designer, as well as his industrial designs which ranged from Murray bicycles, pedal cars, planes and boats, to Steelcraft toy buses and trucks, commercial printing presses, the first riding lawn mower, General Electric lighting fixtures and appliances, the Sear's Beverly Hills lawn chair, and that classic icon of American childhood--the little red wagon.
The people who invented the lawn mower and the jet engine gave no thought to how much noise their inventions make.
Jack attached clips to a lawn mower and the front of his buggy.
Statistics tell us that each year lawn mower accidents send close to 85,000 people to emergency rooms.