lawn furniture

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furniture intended for use on a lawn or in a garden

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Even he admits it seems strange, though he was only too happy to return to a passion for woodworking which he first developed in high school, having built some lawn furniture for his parents.
Bring items inside your home that could become dangerous as flying objects, including toys, grills, planters and lawn furniture.
Building facades, lawn furniture and playground equipment rely on coatings to protect them from harsh climates.
They are handy Update your first-aid supplies Stock prescription and nonprescription medicines Bring in outdoor objects such as lawn furniture Stay away from windows if high winds are predicted Stay out of basements Keep copies of important documents saved digitally Withdraw extra cash from ATMs as they won't work in case of power cut Stay in touch with family members If you need to leave home, turn off electricity Keep emergency numbers Check weather updates Don't park cars under trees
Bring items inside that could become dangerous as flying objects, including toys, grills, planters and lawn furniture.
Complete with lawn furniture, the park has become a favorite spot for mid-day brown baggers from nearby office buildings and for outdoor entertainment and special events.
including but not limited to sheet metal, wire, grills, swing sets, lawn furniture, steel drums and
The public is encouraged to stock up on normal hurricane supplies and to secure their homes, lawn furniture and any other loose items which could be affected by high winds," said Derrick Burgess, minister of public safety.
PATIO PRESSURE: Clean dirty patios, garages and lawn furniture with ease with the Husky 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer.
Whether it's painting metal lawn furniture, safely removing paint from antique brick or sandblasting rust from metal, Webb's company fits the niche.
is designed for makers of opaque PP products such as lawn furniture, storage containers, returnable packaging, auto parts, beverage closures, and coat hangers.
When I look at those skids I see gazebos or picnic tables or lawn furniture as opposed to piles and stacks of two by fours and two by six's ," says Canfield.
Now there's nothing I feel more passionate about than Mother Earth - particularly when I see ancient trees being chopped down for lawn furniture.
Clothes on lines, sagging telephone wires, chainlink fences, rusty wrecks of cars, corroded lawn furniture, broken windows, patched roofs, broken dreams All of these glided past, as if the train was passing by a collage of refuse.
The seat, back and footrest are made from the same kind of vinylcoated nylon webbing that is used for lawn furniture.