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furniture intended for use on a lawn or in a garden

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The photo of a playhouse was a big hit, and so were the ones of lawn furniture," she says.
You'd also be less relaxed, because, after all, lawn furniture is just boring old furniture without the lawn.
They and the Brown Widows hide in cracks of buildings, up the legs and under your lawn furniture, in curled under-parts of pots, in the coils of trampolines.
The storms also blew through North Texas, but the damage seemed to be confined to roofs and trees and lawn furniture and play equipment.
Avoid products made of flexible PVC or vinyl plastic like PVC lawn furniture and building materials.
Candidly reflecting on the sacrifices people make to maintain, achieve or, in some cases, avoid the American dream and all its trappings--a dog, a grill, lawn furniture, potted plants and the like--Laken delivers a keen account of how class, race and personal values shape the definition of family and home.
I bought spray paint to update my lawn furniture, and the clerk recommended a respirator.
This means you will need to bring out any lawn furniture that was stored safely during the winter.
Soon, these will either be used in the company's custom cedar products such as saunas, hot tubs and lawn furniture, or sold directly to local customers pursuing do-it-yourself renovation projects.
Just because you don't put a fence around your yard does not mean that people can come take your lawn furniture," he told the paper.
But the company couldn't get the steel and never produced a piece of lawn furniture.
While this fact would seem painfully obvious, we are continually struck by the number of grocers who choose to crowd their freezer sections with lawn furniture, automotive parts, or hula hoops.
Umbrellas, along with pets, alcohol and lawn furniture, were among the items the public was banned from bringing into the sealed off area where security was tight.
Broken lawn furniture, toys, watering cans, wreaths, laundry baskets--even a mint-green bag from the Whitney Museum of American Art's gift shop--were assembled in cascading heaps that mimicked a landfill.
Officials warned Los Angeles residents to make sure that brush is cleared from their property and that all loose lawn furniture is stored.