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chair left outside for use on a lawn or in a garden


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Don't worry, he was economical in at least part of his stunt: The "cockpit" consisted of a $20 plastic lawn chair he bought at the large retail chain Canadian Tire.
Walters had surprised a pilot, who radioed the control tower that he had just passed a guy in a lawn chair.
Each tote a folding lawn chair made up of green-and-white webbing.
If the LawnShark's infrared beam encounters a lawn chair or sleeping dog, the mower detects the infrared light reflected off these objects.
The Precision Lawn Chair Team of Vail conducted their lawn chair drills in advance of the parade and travelled to the White House along with performers from all 50 states.
The Precision Lawn Chair Team of Vail will conduct their lawn chair drills in advance of the parade and travel to the White House along with performers from all 50 states to usher in the new Clinton administration.
In 1989/90 the Wrights sold $350,000 worth of the unfinished, wooden chairs which resemble the Adirondack lawn chair.
Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a day at Glenhyrst's 16-acre park.
USING his trusty ball-bearing gun to help him return to Earth, a 48-year-old flew a lawn chair rigged with helium-filled balloons more than 200 miles across the Oregon desert, landing in a field in Idaho.
Back then, the Christian reform movement blamed movies for an epidemic of teenage degeneracy, but these proto-Don Wildmons loved Arbuckle, who radiated less sex than a lawn chair.
When faced with a truly revolutionary situation--an electoral coup from the right--Al Gore folded like a lawn chair.
I changed into my bathing suit at my BFF's pool party, leaving my clothes underneath a lawn chair.
When the late Larry Walters soared to 16,000 feet over Southern California in a lawn chair lifted by 42 weather balloons in 1982, he had no idea his feat would pass into the national consciousness.
The focal point is not the happy young fellow proudly grinning from a lakeside lawn chair, but the grandly upswept genitals of the dog he holds to his chest.
from MIT in Mechanical Engineering specializing in biomedical engineering, has developed and distributed thousands of the most rugged and cost-effective wheelchairs in existence -- a $3 plastic lawn chair with a pair of mountain bike tires, total cost including distribution: $41.