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a maker of laws

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I saw he was of the material from which nature hews her heroes--Christian and Pagan--her lawgivers, her statesmen, her conquerors: a steadfast bulwark for great interests to rest upon; but, at the fireside, too often a cold cumbrous column, gloomy and out of place.
Were the experiment to be seriously made, though it required some effort to view it seriously even in fiction, I leave it to be decided by the sample of opinions just exhibited, whether, with all their enmity to their predecessors, they would, in any one point, depart so widely from their example, as in the discord and ferment that would mark their own deliberations; and whether the Constitution, now before the public, would not stand as fair a chance for immortality, as Lycurgus gave to that of Sparta, by making its change to depend on his own return from exile and death, if it were to be immediately adopted, and were to continue in force, not until a BETTER, but until ANOTHER should be agreed upon by this new assembly of lawgivers.
Induced by these feelings, I was of course led to admire peaceable lawgivers, Numa, Solon, and Lycurgus, in preference to Romulus and Theseus.
Indiscriminately let those take their places, of whatever rank they come, who possess the kingly gifts to lead armies or to sway a people--Nature's generals, her lawgivers, her kings, and with them also the deep philosophers who think the thought in one generation that is to revolutionize society in the next.
But in time, after the winds of hatred and vengeance shall have flown away, he will be remembered as the greatest Filipino lawgiver.
Which 7th century BC Athenian lawgiver was famous for his severe code of laws?
She then quoted a Bible verse from the book of James: 'There is only one lawgiver and judge, the one who is able to save and destroy but who are you to judge your neighbor.
He cited three supporting texts, but failed to note that the New Testament was the product of an infant church strongly influenced by contemporary Hebrew images of Yahweh as warrior, lawgiver and covenanter.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ottoman Sultan SE-leyman, the lawgiver, once said, "I would behead whoever cuts down a tree in my forests.
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Magna Carta was, after all, far from being the original all-English lawgiver.
He arranged for a vision in which Moses, the Lawgiver, and Elija, the prophet, appeared with Him.
He is described on the site as a Hebrew prophet and lawgiver, who transformed a wandering people into a nation and received the Ten Commandments.
I turn now to The Federalist's treatment of another facet of the question of how governments are made: the theme referred to in the 18th century as the lawgiver, which we today usually call the founder.
We might well guess that he prepared himself to venerate the Awesome Lawgiver in fear and trembling.