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However, they said: "The public interest in maintaining legal professional privilege, and in particular in maintaining the confidentiality of legal advice provided by the law officers, is of particular importance in this case.
Data submitted to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program indicate that 56,666 law officers were assaulted during the year and, of those, 16,202 received injuries.
It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by Law Officer Magazine for our commitment to supporting the public safety community," said Jan Ruderman, Senior Director, Government Sector for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company.
Slamming the Delhi government for challenging a Delhi High Court order in favour of Law Officer Sunil Gupta who also doubles up as PRO for Asia's largest and most congested prison, the Supreme Court last week directed it to create promotional avenues for him within four months.
Ms Parrott added: "The business case talks a lot about the need to emphasise the stature of the Counsel General, but it is my belief that the reputation of a law officer rests on the quality of their work, and the accessibility of the law to ordinary people.
This is an exciting opportunity to change the life of a current or former active duty officer," said Dale Stockton, editor-in-chief of Law Officer Magazine.
Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed directed the law officer to come on the next date of hearing with a reply, as seven months had passed but the government had not complied with its order.
But Hesford, who was parliamentary private secretary to the Government's law officers, hit out at Brown's decision.
It follows controversy over the role of Attorney General, who is a member of government as well as the most senior law officer.
The millionaire was expected to join his legal team at the Court of Session in Edinburgh to challenge the refusal of the country's senior law officer to hold an inquiry in Scotland.
Adnan, law officer from Sindh, Razzaq A Mirza, law officer from Punjab, Latif Yusufzai, law officer from KPK, Ayyaz Sawati from Balochistan and advocate general Islamabad, Abdul Rauf adopted the arguments advanced by AG in respect of military courts.
Submitting a report on torture on disabled persons during the protest, the law officer said no police official tortured them.
At this stage, a provincial law officer submitted a report about police torture on visually impaired persons.
However, the government is yet to appoint the Attorney General, the senior- most law officer.
JAIL sentences given to two men who murdered Stephen Lawrence were not unduly lenient, the country's top law officer said yesterday.