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He remarked that instead of returning Rs one billion, Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal had sent a law officer who had no knowledge about the case.
The federal law officer said only a child had died during the protest and as many as 418 people were booked in different cases.
The post of Law Officer (International Law), which is ranked at Law Officer (DL6) level, is responsible for (amongst others) advising on the international law aspects of a wide range of complex issues of government policy and overseeing the implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements, particularly on the surrender of fugitive offenders and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.
However, they said: "The public interest in maintaining legal professional privilege, and in particular in maintaining the confidentiality of legal advice provided by the law officers, is of particular importance in this case.
The petitioner's counsel opposed the request, but the judge adjourned the hearing till Friday and directed the law officer to come up with a lawful and transparent mechanism for the new appointment along with academic credentials of Maryam Nawaz.
a special court- martial, and a law officer presided over a general
The Law Officer product review team scrutinized the exhibit halls at the 2012 International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) and California Patrol Officers Association CopsWest conferences looking for innovative products recent to the market.
Jim Wallace, the senior Scottish law officer in Westminster, said Salmond could be taken to court if he passes a referendum bill in Holyrood without powers being transferred from the UK Parliament.
Subramaniam, the second top law officer of the country, earlier in the day met President Pratibha Devisingh Patil.
Lyell became the government's most senior law officer under PM John Major.
Loloahi Tapui, who knew she had overstayed her student visa by four years, duped the chief law officer into hiring her as her housekeeper for just pounds 6 per hour.
Mr Hesford told BBC Radio 4's The World At One: "The Attorney General is the senior law officer, she is the chief adviser on legal matters to the Government and as a matter of principle I just think it is wrong that someone who has the honour of serving in that office should remain, considering the circumstances of what happened yesterday.
JEMS Communications (San Diego, CA), a division of Elsevier, will begin the publication of Law Officer magazine with a July/August issue.
A white law officer demonstrates to fellow officers how to swing a billy club at demonstrators.
They also serve as a reminder that every law officer every day runs a risk of becoming the victim of a sociopathic or deranged individual.