law of diminishing returns

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a law affirming that to continue after a certain level of performance has been reached will result in a decline in effectiveness

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Were it not for the law of diminishing returns, a single farmer could produce all the corn required in the world, merely by acquiring all of the available nitrogen fertilizer and applying it to his or her farm.
Prior to the defeat, Nigeria had beaten Tahiti 6-1 before losing 2-1 to Uruguay--a law of diminishing returns in keeping with a pre-tournament run in which they had scored only six times in six matches.
At some point as a manager either your luck finally runs out or the law of diminishing returns gets you.
PA4 has been written and directed by four people but the unforgiving law of diminishing returns still applies.
With a hood there is a question that sometimes it is a law of diminishing returns.
Kevin Moran, who is a former competitive swimmer and lecturer in health at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, believes that elite athletes normally experience the law of diminishing returns.
Sadly, at the moment, their heroic sacrifice is something akin to the law of diminishing returns.
Clearly, the law of diminishing returns is setting in somewhere.
The TV lawyers are eating each other up, and the law of diminishing returns is kicking in.
Related to Creative Suite, Hilal believes the challenges are two-fold: first, it is suffering from the law of diminishing returns, whereby there is less reason to upgrade with each successive release (and a model based mostly on unit sales exacerbates this); and second, new standards, specifically HTML5, will lessen the relevance of Flash and ultimately of CS.
In all attempts to increase efficiency, the law of diminishing returns comes in, so food production must have a limit beyond which we cannot go.
Flirting with the law of diminishing returns, Alex Merkin's "Across the Hall," the feature-length version of his fest-fave short, doesn't quite surpass the sum of its parts.
In a perfect illustration of the law of diminishing returns, the protagonists of this series have become caricatures of their original, sharply delineated selves, and the serial-killer-cum-stalker plot, once fresh and exciting, is now formulaic and stale.
The Law of Diminishing Returns also plays a role in reducing Societal Variance by lowering the ability for Technological Wherewithal to generate more Affordable Choices (fig.
The generally high literary tenor of this collection is maintained in other pieces too numerous to describe, including "Taormina," by Duncan Fallowell, "A Wedding in the Sky," by Michael Klein, "The Law of Diminishing Returns," by Dale Peck, and "On Going Back," by Brian Bouldrey.