law of averages

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a law affirming that in the long run probabilities will determine performance

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Hitherto they benefited both from a reputational intimidation generated reluctance (when compared to other batsmen), however small, of umpires to rule them out without being doubly sure, and from enjoying the beneficial side of law of averages (like everybody else).
The law of averages dictates 26-year-old Jones's playing career should have ended at a horribly unfair age' instead his patience, resilience and sheer bloody -mindedness have reaped their reward.
The inscription on the trophy reads: "In recognition of a clear eye, a stout heart, a steady hand, and a daring defiance of gravity and the law of averages.
Although you cannot predict which one of a series of events will be successful, by the Law of Averages you know that by doing a certain thing a certain number of times, you will achieve your goal.
But the Ibrox boss said: "The law of averages says they are due a win over the Old Firm soon.
The law of averages suggests that there are more scandals to come on the Catholic right," he wrote.
Some vendors say that their naturally optimistic outlook stems from the law of averages that next year will be better than the last two, but this is despite the lack of any substantial, concrete signals that things are getting better.
The law of averages says the farmer participating in a marketing pool will not sell at the bottom nor at the top of the market -- both of which are unknown until the marketing year is complete," Reed explains.
Each is attuned to the law of averages," Eisner concludes.
It's also the law of averages, because you may not eat as much as your husband.
Intel bears might say that the law of averages may catch up with Intel and one day AMD will do something right and catch Intel by surprise.
The coaches always tells us of the law of averages.
We've won five on the bounce and the law of averages says you're going to have a bad performance in one of them.
He is not dependent on the law of averages, though, as his sizzling early should carry him clear and it will then be a case of catch me if you can.
50 every week to play, said: "It's baffling - by the law of averages, someone should have won it by now.