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the body of rules applied to commercial transactions

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Indeed, the evolution of the medieval Law Merchant, in many
Spontaneous Legal Evolution and the Law Merchant, Old and New
International trade is thriving, and the informal institution of the Law Merchant seems to be doing an excellent job helping it do so.
Weingast (1990), "The Role of Institutions in the Revival of Trade: the Medieval Law Merchant, Private Judges, and the Champagne Fairs," Economics and Politics, Vol.
This Part deals with how market pressures give rise to generally similar legal structures, employing the medieval Law Merchant (an oft-cited example) to illustrate the process.
This is borne out by the historical Law Merchant as well as its modern equivalent.
Although initially based on what knowledge of Roman civil law had been salvaged after the fall of the Roman Empire, the medieval law merchant evolved as customs and practices common to many geographic locales became standard practice for merchants engaged in international commerce (Benson 1989: 648).
determine the law merchant and incorporate it into the larger corpus
Another similarity between the Law Merchant and the Court of Arbitration for Sport is that both bodies may settle disputes ex aequo et bono; in other words, applying a general principle of fairness or equity.
The fear of a proliferated Law Merchant has led to the growth of a 'new' Law Merchant, closely resembling its medieval forefather" (Trakman 1983, p.
I mention the law merchant only to prove that law does not require the backing of coercion supplied by government Once this point a proven, the intellectual keystone supporting Peritz's book disappears.
In the formative era of Lex Mercatoria the system of law merchant co-existed with the system of canon law, the law of the church.
1986), "The Law Merchant and the Common Law before 1700" in The Legal Profession and the Common Law.
The Law Merchant plays a non-existent, if not minimal role in modern international commercial dispute resolution.
He follows the arbitral chain (a metaphor for the linkage of one arbitral age with those subsequent) for the West through the Greeks, the Romans, the Law Merchants, the English, and the Americans and for the Chinese through the imperial, republican, and communist eras.