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Once a jurisdiction has decided to seek prosecution of a fugitive under Article IV, the law enforcement agency must assemble an Article IV package.
WHEREAS, LAX Airport Police has received further recognition for its handling of the July 4, 2002, shootings in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, as the first law enforcement agency to arrive on the scene; and
We are proud to be selected by a leading western law enforcement agency," commented Rami Efrati, vice president of marketing, NICE's ISS division.
Even though the nation's crime rate is the lowest it has been in thirty years, the disturbing trend of violence in our schools requires every community and law enforcement agency to either establish a policy for dealing with school violence or review the ones they have in place," said Dave Smith, LETN Director of Education.
In 1985, the Orlando, Florida, Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in the United States to organize a CPA.
Members of a law enforcement agency seeking to initiate a successful CPA program must obtain the support of their administration.
ADC NewNet and JSI Telecom have reached a new pinnacle by demonstrating CALEAserver functionality through VoiceBox, a widely deployed law enforcement agency collection platform," said Dr.
Successful analysis under the third factor depends primarily on the level of planning, preparation, and care taken by the instituting law enforcement agency to ensure that the roadblock in question interferes with individual liberty no more than is reasonably necessary.
Whether a drug roadblock passes the balancing test may very well depend on how carefully the initiating law enforcement agency plans the procedure and articulates its purpose.
Fowler commented, "The use of our live-scan technology by Michigan's largest metropolitan law enforcement agency is a further affirmation of our position as the leading company worldwide in live-scan installations.
No law enforcement agency ever wants to receive this kind of call.
Combining the speed of modern telecommunications technology, advanced, encrypted data transmission service, firewall technology and smart-card reader hardware, plus easy-to-use browser software to navigate through the databases, The Bastille can help anyone in a law enforcement agency become an expert "cybercop," according to GTE.
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