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Two other very plausible explanations exist: First, the great flaming star, a foot broad, and a cubit high, which fell from heaven, as every one knows, upon the law courts, after midnight on the seventh of March; second, Théophile's quatrain,--
Whatever may be thought of this triple explanation, political, physical, and poetical, of the burning of the law courts in
Bianchon, Lucien de Rubempre, Octave de Camps, the Comte de Granville, the Vicomte de Fontaine, du Bruel the vaudevillist, Andoche Finot the journalist, Derville, one of the best heads in the law courts, the Comte du Chatelet, deputy, du Tillet, banker, and several elegant young men, such as Paul de Manerville and the Vicomte de Portenduere.
The coroner courts in Aberdare, Brecon Law Court, Welshpool Magistrates' Court and the courtroom at Cardiff Central Police Station would continue to be used - but, if Brecon Law Court shuts in separate Ministry of Justice closures, an option to use Llandrindod Wells Law Court is open.
Where there was extreme cruelty a law court judge could be asked to dispense with the blood parents' consent and grant an adoption but all too often many judges were reluctant to do this.
South Carolina's Administrative Law Court hears cases from the state's Department of Revenue.
Yet on the law court, across from my property, I have witnessed numerous vehicles parked on the law courts, on a daily basis.
A REFERENDUM to create a dedicated family law court is to be held next year.
It's a question of whether the initial participants in the dispute are enthusiastic about going to the Dubai courts or whether they would prefer to go the common law court," he said.
A three-members bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Amir Hani Muslim issued directive on a 1995 case pertaining to conviction by Martial Law Court titled Abdul Latif Cheema vs Muhammad Ilyas.
A law court deals with the results of a dispute while a social scientist solves the dispute at its roots and brings about mutual understanding and affection between the contending parties," he said.
LAHORE, November 07, 2010 (Frontier Star): Jamaat e Islami Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch, has appealed to the civil and military authorities and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to attend to the missing people's issue on humanitarian grounds and ensure their recovery or their production before the law court.
A federal judge wrapping up the case against the Hannaford Brothers supermarket chain over its 2007-2008 card breach has asked the Maine Law Court for a ruling that might open the door for card issuers to recover more of the costs of card breaches.
A MUSLIM college in Nuneaton is running the UK's first official sharia law court.
Halim ruled that Joy must go to an Islamic law court and declare herself an apostate, which is likely to get her sent to a rehabilitation center, according to the Union of Catholic Asian News.