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Synonyms for lavish

Synonyms for lavish

characterized by extravagant, ostentatious magnificence

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

to give in great abundance

Synonyms for lavish

expend profusely


characterized by extravagance and profusion

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Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office board member Sandra Cam on Tuesday said she respects President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to clear PCSO General Manager Alex Balutan from the alleged lavish Christmas party.
Islamabad -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) officers spent over Rs 10 billion out of total revenue of Rs 22 billion on lavish spending after sale of nine commercial and fifteen residential plots during the last year to meet its petty expenses.
Faisal Kundi said that Imran Niazi is living a lavish life on KPK budget.
The actor's estranged former partner has also pointed out the former's lavish lifestyle.
com)-- Lavish Pets is set to be a Glowing success at the SuperZoo Pet Product Expo in Las Vegas with the Release of Gloture - the World's First Glow-In-The-Dark Dog Clothing at Booth# 13293.
Girlfriend Lavish Reynolds live-streamed video of Philando's final moments on Facebook as her daughter sat in the back.
Hollywood superstar Lindsay Lohan has teamed up with hip Brit label Lavish Alice to create an autumn/ winter capsule collection that's inspired by her own wardrobe.
Whoo-hoo, it's party time in Walford as Shabnam and Kush celebrate their engagement with a lavish bash at Beale's.
Raj, no shrinking violet himself, now aims to give the company the reputation for being behind some of the most decadent and lavish ceremonies in the UK.
Global Banking News-January 21, 2015--Goldman denies claims of lavish parties for Libyan clients
Asked then if he did not agree with the senator's observation that his property was lavish, Tiu said: "Para sa standard ko hindi e.
McCarthy, who was earlier married to John Mallory Asher, is not looking for a lavish wedding and instead are vouching for a small one, Contactmusic reported.
The mint outfit is PS44 by Lavish Alice (lavishalic.
The proposal was aimed at countering the trend of lavish weddings that create pressure on poor and middle class families to spend heavily on marriages.
Summary: Around a third of Lebanon's population lives in poverty, in a society where lavish opulence and desperate hardship are often only meters apart.