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I laving made the rounds, the string became a debate between the group and "Pretty Woman" scribe J.
But the water laving the wrought-iron rail of the Saxony Hotel as I cross
Tenders are invited for CO RCC Storage tank 15,000 liters capacity, RCC intake, protection wall and laving of GJ.
Patna for the year 2016-17-Providing and laving non-prcssurc NP2 class (light dutv)R.
Tenders are invited for Providing & Laving 5(mm thick Bitumenous Macadam and 25mm Semi Dense Bitumen CotKrctc on approach road front Railway Crossing to Canal Bridge at SIDCO Industrial Complex.
Tenders are invited for Bituminous Concrete-60 MM Thick in two layer Providing and laving bituminous concrete with 100-120 TPH batch type hot mix plant producing an average output of 75 tonnes per hour using crushed aggreates of specified grading, premixed with bituminous binder a 5.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laving 5U mm thick bituminous macadam and 25 mm thick semi ilcn^c hitumcnoiu concrete paver finishing with hoi mix plant including priming, tack coat filling patches, pot holes and profile correction on Ihc specified stretches, dressing ol berms including cutting%% filling with RDM upto 1.
Tenders are invited for Laving of under ground 33 KV Line between Railwa) Crossing of location No.
Tenders are invited for Up-gradation of road by way of providing and laving 30mm thick semi dense Bituminous concrete on (i) Main road to Aghar Balllian, (ii) Nai Basti to Kambal
Lavina jointing & testing ot MSERW Pipes, laving jointing and testing of GMS tubes for R/main and supply & Errection of Pumping machinery with allied accessories In connection with Providing LWSS to PC habitation UP-Mahal, Athah, Barthara -II, UP-Mahal bhabia in GP Manu, Tehsil Chopal Distt.