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  • verb

Synonyms for lave

to flow against or along

Synonyms for lave

wash or flow against


Related Words

cleanse (one's body) with soap and water

wash one's face and hands

References in classic literature ?
It was quite a walk, by mysterious staircases and corridors, from Mrs General's apartment, --hoodwinked by a narrow side street with a low gloomy bridge in it, and dungeon-like opposite tenements, their walls besmeared with a thousand downward stains and streaks, as if every crazy aperture in them had been weeping tears of rust into the Adriatic for centuries--to Mr Dorrit's apartment: with a whole English house- front of window, a prospect of beautiful church-domes rising into the blue sky sheer out of the water which reflected them, and a hushed murmur of the Grand Canal laving the doorways below, where his gondolas and gondoliers attended his pleasure, drowsily swinging in a little forest of piles.
Tenders are invited for Laving of under ground 33 KV Line between Railwa) Crossing of location No.
I (Paul) worked at the Hamilton Russell for five years, laving to run a B & B in Thirsk for a year before returning.
However, it was rated the worst hub in the country for I laving to connect to other flights.
Actually she's not a Royal Decider, as he puts it, but a Royal Ovipositer, laving 1,500 eggs or so on a summer day while leaving the rest of colony affairs to the group.
But an airport spokeswoman confirmed the plane had to return to Delaware - where it had refuelled after laving the Caribbean holiday island following a technical fault.
But the water laving the wrought-iron rail of the Saxony Hotel as I cross
Tenders are invited for Up-gradation of road by way of providing and laving 30mm thick semi dense Bituminous concrete on (i) Main road to Aghar Balllian, (ii) Nai Basti to Kambal