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  • verb

Synonyms for lave

to flow against or along

Synonyms for lave

wash or flow against


Related Words

cleanse (one's body) with soap and water

wash one's face and hands

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WEH Stanner (1969:4), who trained under Radcliffe-Brown and Raymond Firth, and who was a contemporary of Piddington and Laves, commented later that he had been:
COUNTY councillors have unanimously backed the campaign by members of the Black Rock Lave Net Fishermen's Association to save their ancient craft.
Our new SpectrumMaster(R) transmit filter/duplexer addresses the PCS industry's need to minimize costs without sacrificing quality or capacity as they install and build-out their networks," Laves continued.
The new compilation features laves like "Big Boned Gal" and "Trail of Broken Hearts" alongside fun obscurities like "Friday Dance Promenade," "Hanky Panky," and "Pine and Stew.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 1997--At its annual meeting of stockholders this week, Illinois Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:ISCO) executive vice president and chief operating officer Ted Laves reported on the company's progress.
The first museum exhibition devoted entirely to queer comics spotlights artists Howard Cruse and Alison Bechdel, along with dozens of other lesbian, gay, bi, and trans laves.
No lo laves con demasiada frecuencia, prueba un dia si y otro no.
This range extension benefit can reduce infrastructure capital investment for PCS operators without sacrificing quality or capacity, and can accelerate the build out of their networks," said Ted Laves, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Illinois Superconductor.
He was joined by partners Jeffrey Kochian and Alan Laves, senior counsel Irina Maistrenko and associates Sophia Dwosh, Alyssa Dossick, Julie Feldman, Lech Wilkiewicz and Rachel Evans, all of the corporate practice; tax partner Dan Micciche and senior counsel Michael Gerald; antitrust and unfair competition partner Paul Hewitt and associate George Laevsky; and intellectual property senior counsel David Lee.
The United States is the only Western country to deny lesbians and gay men the right to serve in the military, the only Western country to still have sodomy laves, and almost the only Western country to deny gay binational couples immigration rights.
From well-seasoned folk rockers like the Indigo Girls to spicy spinster Junior Vasquez to sizzling punk laves the Gossip, there's a variety of taste sensations coming your way this fall.
A more hook-minded CD from Lilith Fair laves Indigo Girls includes a host of guest performers
HIS DREAM ROLES Austin would be totally psyched to make an appearance on one of his lave TV shows.
Lave bien las frutas y las verduras; para, mayor seguridad deseche las hojas de afuera de las lechugas porque son las que pueden tener mas microbios.