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  • verb

Synonyms for lave

to flow against or along

Synonyms for lave

wash or flow against


Related Words

cleanse (one's body) with soap and water

wash one's face and hands

References in classic literature ?
Ye may like work better nor play, but I like play better nor work; that'll 'commodate ye--it laves ye th' more to do.
Wid your good lave we'll dhrink to the Ould Rig'mint - three fingers - standin' up
The water laves the shore as it did a thousand years ago.
FROM fly fishing and lave nets, to seaweed beer and coracles on the ponds, there's plenty to see at St Fagans National History Museum's Fishing Weekend tomorrow and Sunday.
En etudiant les apprentis tailleurs du Liberia, Lave a montre comment << it is difficult, when looking closely at everyday activity .
Portland Barbers 8, Northwest Stars 3: Lefty Kevin Lave became the third Portland pitcher to record a complete game victory as the Barbers improved to 28-2 overall.
throwing out large rocks over a distance of about 1,800 meters while lave flows of about 1 kilometer were seen.
This hat is from Urban Outfitters, but vintage hats are my lave finds.
Lave roared down the snow-clad flanks of the 3,329 m (10,922 ft) volcano on Sicily.
In this qualitative study, Lave (geography, Indiana University) draws on the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu to examine who and what confers authority within scientific fields: is it knowledge, a degree, market demand, or the state?
Lave found that in 2000-2006, the most common retail clinic patient was a young adult without a primary care physician who sought care for an acute illness such as an upper respiratory tract infection.
Lave will be honored by the establishment of a professorship in economics, engineering and public policy, and a fellowship for doctorial studies on innovative areas in economics, public policy and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
Ces deces portent a 113 le nombre d'habitants tues par les nuees ardentes et les ecoulements pyroclastiques (melange de gaz et lave incandescente) que crache depuis dix jours le cratere, qui culmine a 2.
My parents had to endure all of that just because they wanted their kids to lave a good life.