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  • verb

Synonyms for lave

to flow against or along

Synonyms for lave

wash or flow against


Related Words

cleanse (one's body) with soap and water

wash one's face and hands

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II s'agissait deja pour elle d'un apprentissage sur le tas, de la << politics of learning in everyday life >> qui fait l'objet de l'une des communications de Lave (6).
O material utilizado neste estudo foi o questionario LAVE, que e constituido por uma lista com 309 palavras, divididas em 14 categorias semanticas (comida, brinquedo, ambiente, animais, partes do corpo, lugares, acoes, casa, objetos, pessoas, roupas, veiculo, modificadores, outros) e um campo para preencher palavras adicionais que nao constam na lista.
Lave e Wenger (1991) sugerem o conceito de curriculo de aprendizagem, considerando que, nos grupos que compartilham praticas de trabalho, existem fontes de aprendizado essenciais, vivenciadas a partir do cotidiano e das trocas relacionais, no contato entre os aprendizes e os mais experientes.
Lave (1996) analysed the learning that takes place between the newcomer/old-timer in the processes of apprenticeship.
Doyle is a stream geomorphologist; Lave studies the practices of scientists and has a background in stream restoration; and Robertson studies market-based environmental politics and wetland botany.
But a new lease agreed between The Black Rock Lave Net Salmon Fishing Association and the Environment Agency Wales, which owns the fishery near Chepstow, will protect the fishermen's rights.
Currently, we lave two vacancies in Tasmania, two in Northern Territoriy and one in Victoria.
These features foster agency, engagement, and authentic learning experiences by enabling students to 1) become active members of a community of professional practice, 2) develop expertise about a subject, 3) employ different modes of communication, and 4) track changes and progress over time (Brown & Campione, 1996; Lave & Wenger, 1991; Shatter, 2004).
In my research and discussions with lave enforcement individuals in the community, I realized that one of the greatest problems facing society today is crime that is caused by the breakdown of parental supervision of young people.
Your paper revealed low the Taoiseach plans,o rush home from the St Paddy's Day celebrations in the White House - so he can lave a pint in his local pub.
Regarding metabolic syndrome, of the people who suffer from obesity, hypertension, high lipids and high blood sugar lave, only 12.
Since the purchase, Koch has invested in these businesses, which lave been operating as Koch Cellulose.
Lave sus afrentas, lave mas blanco con Jabon <<El Molino>>
Wez Lundry One of our top lave skate rock bands of all time, SNFU, let loose with another of--their chunka chunka mind-twisting macabre masterpieces, called In the Meantime and in Between Time on Rake records.
Investor lave and political darling Fannie Mae is caught underfunding its reserves and doctoring expenses to win bonuses for executives--yet another example of the quasi-public government-sponsored enterprise's skirting the rules that private corporations must abide by.