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jeweled pendant worn on a chain around the neck

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Lorraine Squires is exactly five feet six and always wears a gold lavaliere necklace (oh, wait, that's the Wakefield twins).
In just a year, the digital video cameras, tripods and lavaliere microphones have become comfortable--dare I say nonexpendable--tools in their reporting arsenal.
Referee: Mr D Drysdale (Lincolnshire) Bookings: Wolves - Edwards, Lavaliere (both fouls), Miller (dissent).
in the long-term sublease to Lavaliere Sterling & Stone at 1006 Avenue of the Americas.
Other features include the LightMic, a wireless microphone that suspends from a lavaliere cord around the neck and an auxiliary input to amplify audio from a computer, CD, MP3 player or other audio sources.
Because a faculty member conducted the videotaping of the discussion of the topic areas, a lack of expertise in using a digital camera and a cordless lavaliere microphone was noted.
Sessions were audio- and video-recorded using a Sony[TM] ECM-150 wireless lavaliere microphone, a Sony[TM] TC180AV tape recorder, and a Sony[TM] AVC 3260DX video camera.
She sounded as if she were wearing a lavaliere microphone.
Each focal adult carried an audiotape recorder in her pocket and wore a lavaliere microphone close to her mouth.
If you plan to move away from the lectern, you will need a clip-on or lavaliere microphone with 25 feet of cord.
Lavaliere microphone Small microphone that can be attached to a speaker to allow freedom of hand movement.
Veteran broadcaster Fritz Golman recalls that in Utica, New York, in September, 1975, he knew he was watching a small market newscast when each anchor had to pass the lavaliere mike to the other newscasters.
Chung's concluding remarks describe an obvious interview situation, including hot lights blaring and a lavaliere microphone clipped to Mrs.
The system installed allows meeting participants to have the same spontaneous discussions they experience in face-to-face meetings, without the restrictions or cubmersome use of lavaliere microphones.
Robert Lavaliere (Investor Relations), 514/878-1282