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a skirt consisting of a rectangle of calico or printed cotton

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21 I now know that a lavalava is a wide length of cloth that Samoans wrap around their lower bodies to form a sort of skirt.
They ate baked bananas, reef fish, roasted pork, and breadfruit; slept on mats on the floor; and dressed in the traditional lavalava, the wraparound skirt worn by both men and women.
He waited for me at his pew in a flowery lavalava and an extremely warm-looking wool shirt, a piece of straw bent casually around his toothless head like a peasant crown.
His story emerges between gasps as they clean the blood with sea water and dress the wounds by tearing his lavalava into strips.
Wrap-around garments, modeled on the Pacific Island lavalava, are now available to all inpatients at Wellington and Keneperu Hospitals.
An initiative of theatre senior enrolled nurse Jenny Kendall, the lavalava or "wrap-around" is designed to help preserve the dignity of patients during surgery and is a New Zealand first.
The warm night wind caresses their bodies beneath their lavalava.
Kuini flings off her lavalava and races down to the edge of the ocean.