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At all sites the differences in soil properties between under-rock and between-shrubs microenvironments were small, and only in 0-20 mm depth at sites SDE and LAV was the organic carbon content under rocks significantly higher than that between shrubs.
Most other transports have empty weights of at least 34 tonnes per LAV.
In a multivariate model, an LAV adjusted for body surface area of at least 32 mL/[m.
The National Guard has two LAVs, one in Salem and one in Portland.
Mr Hayward can say what he likes, but I can't see unisex lavs catching on among non-city slickers.
Ahmet Oktay, one of Turkey's most astute critics, defined Lay's esthetic strategies as "surface modernism" - an observation which has considerable validity in view of the fact that Lav was virtually an innovator for innovation's sake.
In November 2012, the contract was amended to exercise the option to upgrade 66 additional LAV IIIs at a value of $151 million.
With this latest contract modification, the original contract, announced on January 4, 2011, is now valued at USD$264 million for 155 LAVs.
It's the Lav List, a complete guide to the proper attitude and conduct on and off the court.
The unusual shape change has also been reported in the nuclei of helper T lymphocytes infected by HTLV-I and -II, two leukemia-causing viruses related but not identical to the AIDS-associated virus, known variously as HTLV-III, LAV and ARV.
ESWC's engineering/design division developed a lightweight, stainless steel muffler system custom-designed for the LAV application.
Like the Coyote, the LAV Ill is derived from the earlier MOWAG Piranha.
052 billion) to General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada to incorporate a comprehensive upgrade package into the Canadian Army's fleet of LAV III combat vehicles.
An unofficial "lessons from Operation Iraqi Freedom" report written in late April said that the "LAV community had favorable comments about the LAV.