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The clump of laurel in which the criminal lay was in the angle of a road which, after, ascending, southward, a steep acclivity to that point, turned sharply to the west, running along the summit for perhaps one hundred yards.
The sleeping sentinel in the clump of laurel was a young Virginian named Carter Druse.
There were hollows and bowers at the extreme end of that leafy garden, in which the laurels and other immortal shrubs showed against sapphire sky and silver moon, even in that midwinter, warm colours as of the south.
The silver, sparkling figure above seems to lean forward in the laurels and, confident of escape, listens to the little figure below.
it writhed and groaned; while wind roared in the laurel walk, and came sweeping over us.
He could barely see the hand which, he had before observed, lay at the root of a clump of laurel.
Flash forward: We are now among the fourth-generation Laurels.
Rasberry is also a driving force behind the long awaited reopening of the Laurel Mercantile Company, Laurel's first Airbnb vacation rental home, and the new HGTV television series airing in early 2017, "Home Town," which documents Laurels revitalization with hosts Erin and Ben Napier.
In recent years the Laurels had been run in the immediate aftermath of the Irish Derby - and before the commencement of the St Leger at Limerick.
Driving down a country lane last week I noticed that a big cherry laurel was arching over the road full of upright spurs dressed in creamy flowers.
Part of the fascination of calibrating a relation between the poet's Laura and his laurels derives from the discordant and discrepant possibilities of understanding them.
Suddenly the Laurels got a Spring/ Summer slot instead of its usual post-Irish Derby position, and now the double bid looks very much on the agenda.
SAN PEDRO -- The wild tree atop a hill overlooking the bustling town of San Pedro, as well as Laguna de Bay had always fascinated the late Salvador "Doy" Laurel as he traveled the highway.
The invitations are extended to the best placed greyhounds in both the Irish Derby and Irish Laurels finals as well as the winner of the local qualifier.
Aviation Week's Aerospace Laurels are awarded annually to individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to international aerospace over the past year.