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Synonyms for launcher

armament in the form of a device capable of launching a rocket

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a device that launches aircraft from a warship


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This story has been updated this story to include information about the price and weight of the launcher.
Both the Ariane 6 and VEGA-C are the immediate future for Europes launchers, and the two families complement each other in order to offer a complete range of payload and orbit launches.
Also, on the Kourou launch pad in Guiana, Air Liquide was chosen for the design of equipment for the distribution of cryogenic fluids, namely oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium, which are required for the propulsion of the new ELA4 launcher system dedicated to Ariane 6.
Don't waste your time worrying about the privacy of your phone's contents, download Sky Launcher from the Google Play Store and achieve peace of mind.
On the ZTE Blade Vec 4G smartphone, Google Now Launcher is complimentary to ZTE flagship devices' voice recognition and control function.
The video footage that claims to show a truck carrying a Buk missile launcher they say was used to fire on the plane with two of its four missiles apparently missing.
The launcher arm then automatically returns to the ready position, a feature that makes this rest so simple to use.
Replacement launchers are free issue, accountable items, which are tracked on the unit's property book.
THIS IS A UTILITY-DRIVEN launcher that offers customisation of the homescreen as well as regular and Go widgets.
Inertia-triggered rests are popular because they combine the advantages of total arrow containment and drop-away clearance after release (though all of the examples used above include launcher "cages" to keep arrows under control).
The unique Pulse Automatic arrow rest from Axion Archery includes a feature that causes the launcher to automatically return to the ready position after cycling through the shot.
BALTIMORE -- Brand Launcher and Morgan Business Solutions, two business advisory corporations, signed a merger agreement on March 1.
South Korea has asked China to verify claims that a missile launcher displayed by North Korea last weekend is of Chinese origin, a potential violation of United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang, Yonhap News Agency reported Friday, citing a senior South Korean foreign ministry official.
The development of the Vega launcher began in 2003, with seven member countries of ESA working on the project: Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.
The grenade launcher RPG-26 used in the recent terrorist acts in Taraz, southern Kazakhstan, was not brought from Kyrgyzstan, said the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan in the statement issued on Friday.