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Synonyms for launcher

armament in the form of a device capable of launching a rocket

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a device that launches aircraft from a warship


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You can buy it with or without a full-containment ring that prevents the arrow from falling off the launcher.
Determination of a quantity required for a warehouse stock of pigs at the launcher facility.
Possession of a single-shot rocket launcher is only unlawful before it has been fired.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- APUS Group, a Beijing-based Android application development company, today announced a new anti-spam SMS filter available in its flagship app, APUS Launcher.
Our solution a successful synergy whereby we use the same elements as for Ariane 5 helped us to win this contract, and will hopefully encourage other European space launcher programmes to pool their resources, too, said Francois Auque, Head of Space Systems.
The launcher has also been tested for MIUIv5 ROM with Android 4.
8220;A photo shoot such as this one really aids in expanding the Model Launcher name,” begins founder and CEO of Model Launcher, Mansfield Staniford.
Mechanics, pay attention 10 detail when installing the rocket launcher on your AH64ss wing stubs.
Its automatic arrow-sizing feature allows you to use any size carbon or aluminum shaft, and the no-rebound launcher eliminates bounce back.
The launcher then drops from beneath the arrow after release to eliminate fletching contact and tuning problems.
Intended to support heavy mechanised forces the M270 MLRS launcher is based on a stretched M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle which carries an elevating turntable launch mechanism that can accommodate two pods each of six 227 mm rockets.
The new system allows a series of pigs to be launched into a pipeline at operator-controlled intervals while minimizing the number of times a pig launcher door has to be opened to access the pipeline.
South Korean officials have been studying the images of the North's new launcher, but claims ''have not been verified yet,'' the official was quoted as saying.