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very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches

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There were also amusing moments from the outlaws but it was Roger Morlidge as Launce and a lurcher named Mossup as his dog Crab who stole the show.
Finally, the hypothesis of this essay is corroborated by the similarities between the roles acted by Kemp, that of Launce in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and that of Launcelot il Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice, works that are both set in the Venetian dominion, and the role of Ruzante staged by Angelo Beolco.
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Al Hilal Bank, Abu Dhabi Finance, Mashreq Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank will launce an exclusive home finance scheme for high-end residential communities on Sdiyat Island.
om the viewpoint to Wineglass Bay re other day walks or three to four onsider within the park; the visitor stocked with trail maps and helpful A short drive lighthouse was to two small is southwards do From this va of seeing whal Returning to F meal was ha special sea equally a Our s in, whi had to We w Launce Island.
CARDIFF: Chapter (029 2030 4400), SWDFAS Lecture: The Story Of St Pancras, Launce Gribbin.
Muscat, Jan 15 (ONA) The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources will launce tomorrow (Wednesday) the "Health Inspection Bag," which comes within the framework of efforts being exerted by the ministry to enhance and upgrade methods of field health inspection of food stores related to public health.
In 2005, Launce Barber and Tom Stokes were brought in to help CRKT expand into the fast rising multi-tool market.
38) In Two Gentlemen of Verona, for example, neither Launce nor Speed appears after iv.
Fishermen in the prefecture incurred large damages after radioactive substances exceeding the legal limits under the Food Sanitary Law were detected in launce, or sand eel, caught in waters off the prefecture.
In terms of Shakespeare's other work with Kemp, most scholars agree that the dramatist added the role of Launce in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1593) to the existing play specifically for the actor.
Launce and Speed's witty banter played second fiddle to Otto's ability to lick himself on cue.
Scientists at IBM s research facility in Haifa will launce a number of pilot programs both in Israel, the US and China that will use algorithms developed for the IT world to detect water leaks and ever predict possible pipe bursts, the Jerusalem Post is reporting.
The 11 anglers who fished totalled 16 fish, eight flounder, four turbot, two coalfish, a weaver and a launce.
There are many cases where vibration control is required, both for improving the performance of machines and equipments, such as automobiles, heavy machines, machine tools, spacecraft launce vehicles, and for making the measuring equipment or navigation equipment work properly in an vibration environment.
They urged upon the LESCO official to formulate load management program otherwise business community launce a series of protests.