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Synonyms for laughing

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for laughing

showing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness


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Ay, that have I," quoth Robin, laughing loudly again, "five hundred and more horned beasts have I and my brothers, and none of them have we been able to sell, else I might not have turned butcher.
Thus they left Nottingham Town and traveled forward along the dusty highway, laughing and jesting together as though they had been old friends.
In an exclusive statement to The Verge, Amazon said they were working to stop Alexa from randomly laughing and scaring people.
She then gave an explanation of what on earth laughing yoga is and why it really was worth doing - something that was still news to me.
Laughing Planet Cafe, a healthy, quick-serve restaurant chain with locations in Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene, today announced the appointment of Bill Nootenboom (Meriwether Group) to its Board of Directors.
According to TBS, you take in six times more oxygen laughing than you do breathing deeply," Regetti added.
Such matters have to be handled differently by the police as laughing is not a specific offence under law," the court observed posting the matter for hearing on July 6.
Despite a number of rulings, the police have not yet taken action against the laughing yogis because they are not a formal registered club.
We introduced ourselves by saying our name and laughing any kind of laugh we wanted.
Whether you need to relieve stress and tension or just want to start your day off on the right foot, try this quick exercise to start laughing.
It may seem insensitive to laugh when my mother has aches and pains and the indignities of old age, but when I laugh, she laughs with me, even if she isn't quite sure what's she's laughing about.
But I bet he can't resist laughing at chavs in private.