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Synonyms for laughing

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for laughing

showing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness


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A report from Buzzfeed mentioned people thinking they were being haunted by a ghost since Alexa would start laughing out of nowhere, even in the middle of the night.
This class was completely different though, with you not laughing at a joke but just laughing very heavily because you could laugh and although it felt weird not giggling at anything at all in particular and just doing it because you can, it did feel nice.
Each of those movements, with or without laughing, appeared in varying numbers of chimps at play in an observational study.
Laughing Planet is a very exciting company, and I'm honored to continue my involvement with them.
Laughing yoga has grown in popularity throughout the world after it was developed by Mumbai doctor Madan Kartaria, who styles himself the 'Guru of giggling.
Then, instead of someone finding a card in your wallet that indicated you didn't want to be put on life support, there would be the Die Laughing card -- to help you go out with a giggle.
The woman with the curls under the drying machine added something to the conversation, and they all started laughing again.
Using McMoon as his explanation-happy mouthpiece, Temperley suggests that Jenkins listened to the melodious notes in her head, not to her own shriekings, and not -- apparently -- to the sound of audiences laughing or jeering.
School girls were braiding each other's hair and laughing.
A MAN has been ordered to stop laughing in woods after a jogger complained he was disturbing the peace.
The Laughing Buddha Of Tofukuji: The Life Of Zen Master Keido Fukushima by Ishwar C.
By laughing at it, and not diving under the couch all red-faced, you show him you're a way-good sport.
With all that laughing going on, the problems Carmie creates for herself become uninteresting.