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It makes a gold mine laughable, and a saloon a nightmare.
Flapping his sides with his hands, as the conquering game-cock is wont to do with his wings, he raised a loud and laughable imitation of the exultation of this bird; a cry which might have proved a dangerous challenge had any one of the athletic sons of the squatter been within hearing.
William Button, of Tooley Street, in 'the highly novel and laughable hippo- comedietta of The Tailor's Journey to Brentford.
I've seen some poor performances in the Premier League this season, mostly by Mario Balotelli, but Newcastle's in the north-east derby on Sunday approached the laughable.
Without fully understanding the cultural and demographic differences, to suggest that you can force the government of another nation - an economic superpower in this case - to adopt a one-size-fits-all political system of others' choosing in this day and age, that is truly laughable.
But for the fact it was so serious, then it would be laughable, Judge Philip Hughes, sitting at Mold Crown Court, told him.
It's laughable if people want to write us off, and want to write Chris off.
New Delhi, July 12 ( ANI ): Congress leader Manish Tewari on Saturday said that a Karnataka House Panel's statement linking the use of mobile phones to the increase in the number of rapes is weird and laughable.
To blame the press for "hating" and damaging the NHS is laughable because it was HIM and executives like him who encouraged a culture where whistleblowers were gagged, sacked and often ruined.
He wrote down a few things for me to improve on, which were laughable, frankly.
TEAM Anna on Friday termed the Centre's decision to initiate a CBI investigation into the Coalgate as laughable and an eyewash.
It is laughable really," said Kean, speaking at his pre-match press conference to preview Monday's home clash with Wigan.
bet on Saints Heineken are in great 125/1 on laughable.
Laughable "There has been a set of rules here for as long as I have been at the club as there is at every club and probably most, if not all, work environments," he said.
Walton's second caution was laughable last Saturday and it's laughable today, no matter how many times you look at the incident it was not a booking,' stormed Jones.