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a wrinkle in the skin at the outer corner of your eyes

the point of a joke or humorous story

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Ellard, who takes it upon himself to teach Charlie English, also gets the play's best laugh line.
You shouldn't) depend just on the important selling message, you need to make the message stand out with a laugh line, something that people stand around the water-cooler the next day and talk about.
Cons: He could use wittier writers, though: ``I'm your father - ask your mother'' is what passes for a laugh line here, and a lame mock ode to soccer is considered a show-stopper.
When Molly delivers a really pointed laugh line about the Nativity Magi, you can literally see the audience wake up out of its torpor.
He also gets the biggest laugh line, on discovering that his wife has purchased a ``nanny-cam'' to spy on Ana: ``I'm married to Linda Tripp.
Although some of the nautical and Shakespearean allusions may go over the heads or under the radar, not a single laugh line or funny bit gets lost.
It's a cheap laugh line to refer to CBS' new drama "Blue Bloods" as "Blue Hairs," or, as a colleague put it, "Magnum AARPI.
The CBS pilot "Accidentally on Purpose" features a twentysomething slacker sneakily blowing out smoke as a laugh line.
Malaprop earns a few snickers, but why anybody - actor or director - would decide to switch the guaranteed laugh line ``All men are Bavarians'' to ``All men are barbarians'' is an utter mystery.
somehow becomes a laugh line, McGinley and Gillen's euphemistic use of "business" and "stuff" is filled with the right combination of bluff and menace, and Gleeson fits a volume of meanings into every repetition of Bob's simple "I came here" in the final scene.
When Nikki aces a test, Kim declares, as a laugh line, ``My mama smaarrrt - heey
Then again, one wonders how the director of definitive stagings of "Macbeth" and "The Merchant of Venice" could allow these plays to prompt vulgar jokes, among which a non-Shakespearean "lesbian/thespian" laugh line merely leaves you rolling your eyes.
It's the film's only obvious laugh line, and let's hope it really happened.
Here was a sure sign of Shakespeare gone awry: Whatever one might think of Othello's famous "Put out the light" monologue, it most certainly is not a laugh line.
Everyone gets a laugh on each laugh line even though the tiny audience has heard it dozens of times.