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Synonyms for laugh line

a wrinkle in the skin at the outer corner of your eyes

the point of a joke or humorous story

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Cons: Boy, the laugh lines are weak: ``Marrying the same guy twice is like reheating leftovers;'' ``You can't put meatloaf in the microwave and expect it to come out steak.
When Nikki aces a test, Kim declares, as a laugh line, ``My mama smaarrrt - heey
It's the film's only obvious laugh line, and let's hope it really happened.
Everyone gets a laugh on each laugh line even though the tiny audience has heard it dozens of times.
Face lifts improve aging signs in the mid to lower face and neck, including sagging in the mid face area, creases below the eyes, laugh lines, jowls, and loose skin and fat below the chin and jaw.
ProThelium[P-TEN]x contains Argireline and Syn-AKE, two potent peptides that specifically target facial muscle contractions, particularly the forehead and laugh lines.
There are plenty of laugh lines, as well: "You want me to fall back in love with you?
It was one of several laugh lines a relaxed Perry drew from the festival crowd.
No jokes and very few laugh lines amid the tears as I stab vindictively at the keyboard.
Attention to detail is prime here with oxygen being directed on to the face from the hairline to the chin, under eyes and laugh lines covered on the way.
These are laugh lines as Butkus addresses the crowd, poking fun at the army of staffers and trainers who now surround a player as soon as he hits the ground.
Rita Jankowska-Bradley has bone-straight snow-white hair, finely etched laugh lines around her eyes that give away her easy laugh, and a fast pace when she gets fired up about her peace activism.
But Bad Monkey is a fast read, with laugh lines scattered throughout.
And yes, at some points the work reminds me of the Portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's story, where a painting takes on the years of the artist, his fears that turn into wrinkles, his joys that turn into laugh lines.