laugh away

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deal with a problem by laughing or pretending to be amused by it

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What we will do is basically walk into your office, maybe at lunch time, and for about 30 to 40 minutes get you to laugh away your worries and then walk off," says the 33-year-old.
It is this ability to laugh away the tears that Steel Magnolias truly celebrates.
Tony's response to his difficult life is summed up in his favorite saying: "I focus on the good,/ I laugh away the bad,/ and I never forget/ that it could always be worse.
Whatever you decide your spirits will be lifted and you will enjoy the company and a chance to laugh away your worries.
So where are the nine lakh tickets -- a number shared by OC secretary- general Lalit Bhanot, the same man who tried to laugh away the insanitary conditioned in the Commonwealth Games Village -- that should have been enough to fill up all the leading venues.
We have to laugh away the corruption and violence all around us.
However, bad hunts aside, my father and I, and often with my younger brother, were able to laugh away many days in the duck blind at our bad shooting, Dad's squawky calling, and my constantly moving around and then shining my big moonface up to look at the rare mallards who wandered by.
Laugh away, idiot child, for I am not alone in this thinking.
Sheila Corrigan said: "Fran's father trained Smile Away, this mare's granddam, to win a bumper for my father at this meeting in 1983 and he also trained the dam, Laugh Away.
Masterson took second in the 1,500 and, like Mathabane, was able to laugh away the wet conditions.
Your stories are fun to read, and they show that you, too, can laugh away your embarrassment.
Although he was last seen in a quick cameo as another author-cum-academic in his friend Jake Kasdan's comedy ``Orange County,'' Kline is quick to laugh away any suggestion that intellectual roles come naturally.
Beaches, parks, school playgrounds and other public places are recommended for these group therapy sessions where participants shed their inhibitions and laugh away the blues.
You were the oldest of two daughters raised to keep the devil's laugh away.