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someone who communicates high praise

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if philosophy became a transfigured laudator tempori acti or unconsciously contributes to the preservation of status quo, this happens because of the constraint of (the present-day Romanian) power relations.
De quibus inuitus taceo: Malo enim, inter eos qui modo viuunt, tuarum maxim arum, clarissimarumq(ue) virtutum parcissimus laudator, quam inter posteros blandus assentator videri.
especial calado merece, entre otras cosas, la mencion metadiscursiva consagrada al termino "retrato" por parte del laudator (31).
He never "commented," but he made it clear to me that he understood the rigors of life among people, and knew what problems I faced, partly because he knew I too was a laudator temporis acti.
He accepted at once my request for an interview and arranged to meet me at the Genio hotel on Via Zanardelli, where he used to stay when he was in Rome; a hotel that was not in the top flight but was an indication of the simplicity whose eclipse might be deplored by some laudator temporis acti (4) among our contemporary politicians.