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bringing up the rear

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A fine distinction between homologous, aspectual, and radical metamorphoses, the lattermost being the type with which this paper is concerned and applying specifically to "drastic changes in form and/or substance," is explicated in William Hansen, "Foam-Born Aphrodite and the Mythology of Transformation," American Journal of Philology 121 (2000): 1-19.
Smith and Durham (2011:218-219) provide one example for this lattermost phenomenon with the deictic yun/yon, which they claim is being incorporated into the utterances of the SLV-speaking subset of the younger generation (8) at statistically higher rates than are exhibited by previous generations.
The lattermost thesis receives its fullest development in Chad Vanderford, "Rights of Humans, Rights of States: The Academic Legacy of St.
Surprisingly, the lattermost area is the one that has received the least attention from software vendors.
In the lattermost, a tower in the background has a dab of paint that is nominally pink but in which the red has not been mixed completely.
trial; and to police interrogations" (46) (the lattermost example
2) These structures are themselves construed in various ways, including the psychological, linguistic, and philosophical, with the lattermost category splintering into many variants such as the Cartesian, Husserlian, and Heideggerean.
A good example of the lattermost is a comparison of the prevalence and demographic correlates of five different substances, which appeared in five different articles and a commentary in the same 1994 issue of Addiction (Babor, 1994; Grant, 1994; Hartnoll, 1994; Jarvis, 1994; King, 1994; Picketing and Stimson, 1994).
In the case of this lattermost interpretation of the findings, it can be theorized that a teacher's early beliefs about a student's metacognitive skill are durable, thus making it difficult for that teacher to accurately identify the metacognitive development in the student.
Mohamed Al-Ississ, AUC assistant professor of economics, then highlights the key issues to be worked on to restore the economy, which are "stopping the bleeding, restoring human dignity to marginalized classes, and education," the lattermost being "the beginning and the finish-point.