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brass (or a yellow alloy resembling brass) that was hammered into thin sheets

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Horn-books of Tuer's late period typically had a typographically ornamental border which was always covered by the brass latten.
Also found were latten and pewter pilgrim's badges which, before the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538 and 1539 were worn by pilgrims as they visited the shrines of such saints as Thomas Becket in Coventry and the many relics housed at Coventry Priory, which included the remains of St Osburga and the arm of St Augustine.
Paul Latten will continue as director of this segment and will report to Kehl.
As compaction pressure is increased, green compression and splitting tensile strengths increase until the curves f latten out (Fig.
Nonwovens production continues to grow at a rate that is higher than the growth rates of the two other major consumers of staple fiber--traditional textile applications--and this is accounting for the growth in share of nonwovens-based products," explains PauJ Latten, of Basofil, who recently made a presentation about stable fibers at INDA's Converting and Bonding conference last month.
1828, Versuch einer Entwicklung der Sprache, Abstammung, Geschichte, Mythologie und burgerlichen Verhaltnisse der Liwen, Latten, Eesten, mit Hinblick auf einige benachbarte Ostseevolker, von den altesten Zeiten bis zur Einfuhrung des Christenthums.
Robert Latten, chairman of Pontypridd United Services Remembrance Committee, said that going ahead with the service without the band would have been unfair on the public.
Palestinians wave a flag and Arafat picture on the top of the Deir al Latten church in Gaza during a protest for Muslim and Christian support for people in the Church of the Nativity
Covington, President and Chief Executive Officer, who will supervise a staff of seven: Daniel Akers, Vice President and Regional Trust Manager; Kyle Boyd, Vice President and Senior Trust Officer; Leroy Latten, Senior Vice President and Chief Trust Officer; Melanie Regner, Vice President and Regional Trust Manager; Lee Knight, Vice President and Trust Officer; Isobel Bartz, Trust Administrator; and Paige Hill, Administrative Assistant.
An excellent buffet was followed by a concert featuring Triawd: Mrs Ann Davies, Viv Turner and Mrs Mary Latten.
Disrupting status quo like this is one of the ways Consolidated Fibers offers the best value in fiber solutions," said Paul Latten, division president.