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Synonyms for Latin

an inhabitant of ancient Latium

a person who is a member of those peoples whose languages derived from Latin

relating to languages derived from Latin


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Besides the semantic constraint, English DOCs also exhibit the so-called Latinate constraint: only verbs with a Germanic origin appear in a DOC and verbs of a Latinate origin are not allowed, as illustrated in (8).
And who better to predict who will emerge victorious in the contest of Anglo Saxon grit versus Latinate flare than Knowsley Safari Park''s own Arthur - a Californian sea lion.
It negotiates the divide between the vernacular and the Latinate, where the Latin original has moved into vernacular Finnish, establishing a 'vernacular oral culture .
These customarily include considerably more intellectually demanding texts than do vernacular manuscripts and, given the excessive familiarity with books that typifies Latinate culture, considerably more interesting codicological problems as well.
User-generated web con- tent is a cluttered mix of 'Mod- ern Standard Arabic', lahj (colloquial Arabic, complete with regional variations), and latinate characters, including theuseofnumbersassubsti- tutes for letters (for example, Ain looks like an inverted 3, so 3 is often used when chat- ting on the web using latinate characters).
Nancy Martsch's "Tolkien's Poetic Use of the Old English and Latinate Vocabulary: A Study of Three Poems from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil" discusses "The Hoard," "The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon," and "Errantry.
Thus I found it a strength of the book that the author would periodically stop to consider, say, the different experiences of vernacular and Latinate readers.
These etymologies, rooted in Latinate forms, underscore the fact of rearticulation and the long history of imperialism invoked through federal recognition.
While not technically easy listening--it might be classified, perhaps, as a loungey and sometimes Latinate variant on Chicago house--the relaxed 4/4 instrumental dance music with which Weinberger permeated the Swiss Institute is free of the outre or confrontational aspects shared by so many works in the medium.
This lineage to classical Latinate civilisation is not very helpful in the present context.
His interlingual flexibility culminates in the Latinate vernacular and vernacular Latinitas of Paradise Lost, she concludes.
They no longer are precise synonyms for their Latinate versions.
The architecture is low-rise and Latinate with plenty of green patches, trees laden with coconuts, papayas and fresh guavas.
By moving from a Latin term for annotation (adversaria) to a latinate importation into English (marginated) the authors suggest the different character of responses in the predominantly vernacular selection of books on display.
Here, the heavy, polysyllabic, abstract, Latinate "mortified," which could easily be too vague and non-visual to work, particularly at the end of the poem, in fact creates a thrilling and rich ending, because its tones of religious torture, though not explicitly manifest, still ring clear, and their conflation with the act of music-making is rich as a metaphor for the idea of writing as an act of devotion.