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a plant duct containing latex

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The presence of laticifers in the bark is common in species of Apocynaceae, Clusiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Moraceae and Sapotaceae in the Amazon forest (Ribeiro et al.
In vitro cytotoxicity against different human cancer cell lines of laticifer proteins of Calotropis procera (Ait.
Laticifer ultrastructure and differentiation in seedlings of Papaver bracteatum, Papulation Arya II, American Journal of Botany, (65): 978-983.
Laticifers have been only observed in members of Cacteae (Coryphantha, Leuchtenbergia, and species of two Mammillaria sections) by Mauseth (1978a, 1978b).
Since Hanstein's (1864) study, most genera of aroids have been reported as having laticifers (French, 1988; Keating, 2003).
queenslandiae, and other authors have described features considered common in the genus such as white or red latex, nonarticulated laticifers, extrafloral nectaries, liana habit with tendril-like climbing stems, mushroom-shaped androecia, and large fruits (Rudall, 1994a, b; Gillespie, 1997; Gillespie and Ambruster, 1997).
The secondary xylem of Caricaceae consists of vessels and bands of laticifers embedded in a tissue composed of axial parenchyma (Fig.
The following types of secretory structures have already been recorded in the family: trichomes, idioblasts, laticifers, coletters, nectaries, secretory cells with resinous contents, tannin cells, and mucilage lacunae (Solereder 1908; Metcalfe and Chalk 1950; Thomas 1991).
sanguifluus shares a number of features with other morphotypes of this genus for example orange-brown color of ectomycorrhizae, lack of macroscopically visible laticifers on surface, pseudoparenchymatous structure of outer mantle that is generally formed by angular cells, open anastomoses among emanating hyphae and lack of cystidia.
The role of phloem sieve elements and laticifers in the biosynthesis and accumulation of alkaloids in opium poppy.
Two well-known examples of plant families possessing laticifers are Apocynaceae and Euphorbiaceae.
elastica both produce their rubber in the form of rubber particles in laticifers, a complex anastomasized cell system that forms pipes, which can then be tapped allowing latex to bleed out.
Revisiting the enzymes stored in the laticifers of Carica papaya in the context of their possible participation in the plant defence mechanism.