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either of two horseshoe-shaped ventricles one in each cerebral hemisphere

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Ventricular/Biparietal Ratio (V/BP Ratio) is computed at the mid-portion of bodies of lateral ventricles showing the maximum ventricular dilatation in axial section.
Lastly, the fronto-basal white matter is divided through the anterior part of the lateral ventricle (8).
The lateral ventricle and extracerebral CSF spaces also get larger ex vacuo due to the brain volume loss.
Subsequent contrast enhanced brain MRI demonstrated a 23 mm x 23 mm x 18 mm round, well-circumscribed mass in the right lateral ventricle and roof of the third ventricle.
Only two places in the brains of adult mammals contain stem cells: the lateral ventricles and the hippocampus.
MRI revealed a heterogeneous mass with central necrosis in the right parietal lobe, causing a mass effect on the right lateral ventricle and complicated by obstructive hydrocephalus (Fig.
The cysts may cause obstruction of the foramen Monroe and as a result of impeded cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow; hydrocephalus with lateral ventricle dilatation may form.
Analyzing a sample of 700 subjects from the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Hohman and colleagues looked for genetic variants that modify the relationship between phosphorylated tau and lateral ventricle dilation - a measure of disease progression visible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Here we present a case of a 4 month old girl with retrograde migration of the entire shunt system into the lateral ventricle.
Atrophy of the left cerebral hemisphere was noted evidenced by dilatation of the ipsilateral lateral ventricle and widening of the cortical sulci, most marked at the temporal lobe (Fig.
It then penetrated the dura mater, passed through the left posterior lobe of the cerebrum, entered the left lateral ventricle and lodged in the white matter of the cerebrum just above the anterior portion of the left corpus striatum, where it was found.
HPCs have been clinically detected in many of the intracranial compartments; here, we present a case with presumed meningioma that was adjacent to the right lateral ventricle and was confirmed by histopathology analysis.
Areas of breakdown are seen within the tumour, notably surrounding the occipital and temporal horns of the right lateral ventricle (Fig.
Two regions of stem cells appeared to be likely candidates: the third ventricle and the lateral ventricle, located roughly in the middle of the brain.
It was disputed by the parties and their medical experts as to whether these findings - a movement of the condition from the left lateral ventricle to both ventricles -were indicative of hydrocephalus.
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