lateral ventricle

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either of two horseshoe-shaped ventricles one in each cerebral hemisphere

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As a consequence of mass effect, the right lateral ventricle was completely collapsed, and the midline structures, including the third ventricle, were displaced from right to left.
The noncontrast CT scan revealed an extra-axial elliptical hypodensity that caused mass effect on the left frontal lobe and frontal horns of the lateral ventricles (Figure 1).
The four ventricles are the right lateral ventricle, the left
Schizencephaly is a rare CNS malformation consisting of a full-thickness CSF-filled parenchymal cleft lined by grey matter (pathognomonic) extending usually from the subarachnoid space to the subependyma of the lateral ventricles.
The occipital horns and atria of the lateral ventricles may be dilated, a finding termed colpocephaly (Figure 15).
Any discussion of histogenesis is necessarily speculative, but the proximity of many tumors to the lateral ventricles raises the possibility of origin from multipotential subependymal stem cells.
PNH is a neuronal migration disorder characterised by nodules of ectopic neurons adjacent to the lateral ventricles, owing to failed migration of neurons from the germinal zone towards the cortical plate.
The tumor is thought to be derived from the granular neurons of the small gray nuclei of the septum pellucidum and fornix, or from remnants of the subependymal plate of the lateral ventricles.
It produced obstruction of the occipital and temporal horns of the right lateral ventricle, with marked dilatation of the atrium of the right lateral ventricle.
Lateral ventricle enlargement is invariably noted ipsilateral to the lesion, and there have been a few reported cases in which placement of shunts have prevented further growth.
This observation was confirmed by Neurolucida (MBF Bioscience)-quantitated increases of lateral ventricle areas: 380% and 178% at PND14 and PND55, respectively (Figure 2E).
The amount of lateral ventricle asymmetry was measured from MRI scans and compared to motor deficit due to stroke and motor recovery due to Constraint-Induced Movement therapy (CI therapy).
Parasagittal: lateral ventricle, choroid plexus, periventricular area, cortex.
7] ifu per [micro]l by an injection into the right lateral ventricle via a glass capillary with an outer diameter of about 80 [micro]m mounted on to a 26 ga Hamilton syringe, coordinates referring to bregma: AP [+ or -]0, ML -0.
The protocol generates an automated segmentation of the patient's brain and compares the volume size of the hippocampus and the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle against normal volumes.
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