lateral thinking

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a heuristic for solving problems

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Addressing participants of a leadership workshop organised by TerraBiz, he discussed technique to combine creativity and lateral thinking as strategic capability.
This is an unusual and endearing tale about thinking through a problem, trying different possibilities and in the end some lateral thinking from a different perspective.
This is lateral thinking, and it's all about approaching problems differently.
Lateral thinking uses a distinct framework and processes that can be taught and become a part of company's culture.
An essential element of a sandpit is a highly multidisciplinary mix of participants taking part, some being active researchers and some being potential users of research outcomes, to drive lateral thinking and radical approaches to addressing particular research challenges.
The festival is a unique forum for students, global leaders and thinkers to use constructive and lateral thinking while exploring potential solutions for the world's challenges in an interactive format.
Mr Crofton will be remembered as a pioneering spirit, with his unique blend of ingenuity, lateral thinking, determination and enthusiasm.
We were looking for the most creative and fresh approach to the brief integrating traditional PR with social media and SEO, through lateral thinking.
Strategic planning, change management, innovation and creativity, resourcing, performance management, lateral thinking and community engagement are among the issues the new partners have been asked to embrace.
45pm IF you're willing to do a bit of lateral thinking then tonight's Champions League clash between Arsenal and Olympiakos qualifies as something of a derby, writes James Milton.
It is not too late to bid for remaining contract opportunities and with a bit of lateral thinking and planning, businesses can really benefit from the economic impact of London 2012.
Before deciding on an individual level, there is a need for some lateral thinking because I think Turkey is bluffing and cannot afford to pay the compensation for loss of use or effect restitution.
That is when Dennis turns to Matthew Livingston who will use his incredible powers of deduction and lateral thinking to discover that the dead man was murdered--but not by Dennis
Lateral thinking is a step-by-step method of creative thinking with
It is quite possible to stimulate lateral thinking in mechanical ways.