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a heuristic for solving problems

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Through this approach, will raise lateral thinking to the same pedestal as technical skills," he added.
Decision makers often take the traditional route to solve a problem instead of using lateral thinking.
Lateral thinking is "sideways" thinking, which sparks fresh ideas or changes the frame of reference.
Mr Crofton will be remembered as a pioneering spirit, with his unique blend of ingenuity, lateral thinking, determination and enthusiasm.
Strategic planning, change management, innovation and creativity, resourcing, performance management, lateral thinking and community engagement are among the issues the new partners have been asked to embrace.
Hopefully what they lack in recognised sporting prowess, they'll make up for in lateral thinking.
com 3DON'T BE A SQUARE ADMIT it, you tried to solve the Rubik's cube but just ended up peeling off and re-placing the little coloured stickers while pretending to your mates that you were some sort of lateral thinking genius.
45pm IF you're willing to do a bit of lateral thinking then tonight's Champions League clash between Arsenal and Olympiakos qualifies as something of a derby, writes James Milton.
It is not too late to bid for remaining contract opportunities and with a bit of lateral thinking and planning, businesses can really benefit from the economic impact of London 2012.
Edward de Bono, a British physician and originator of the concept of lateral thinking, wrote, "Vertical thinking is concerned with digging the same hole deeper; lateral thinking is concerned with digging the hole somewhere else" He goes on to say "Lateral thinking is like the reverse gear in a car.
That is when Dennis turns to Matthew Livingston who will use his incredible powers of deduction and lateral thinking to discover that the dead man was murdered--but not by Dennis
It is quite possible to stimulate lateral thinking in mechanical ways.
A capacity audience from 10 countries will hear Dr de Bono - the creator of lateral thinking - speak live and in person, and Tina Schneidermann, president of Global Leaders, urged people not to turn up on the day to buy tickets.
The same sort of lateral thinking and feelings occur when you "get" a joke.
Lateral Thinking Vertical Thinking Lateral Thinking Linear Yes No Pattern Develop an Restructure an existing pattern existing pattern Direction stepwise and Multidirectional methodical and creative Uncertainty Tolerated No Yes Rewards for Depth of Breadth of knowledge knowledge Restricted by relevant Yes No information Novel approaches No Yes welcomed