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a heuristic for solving problems

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Four common measures to identify lateral thinkers are the Uses Test, Intolerance for Ambiguity, Embedded Figures Test, and the Need for Cognition.
A few tests may prove useful in identifying creative or lateral thinkers.
If simple prompts can encourage managers to act as lateral thinkers, then the cost is very low.
Although Einstein was a lateral thinker, you don't have to be Einstein to use this method.
Both he and Scott Johnson are lateral thinkers who are prepared to think outside the square.
Inventors often amaze us because they look at things differently--they are lateral thinkers.
Dyslexics are often lateral thinkers, which is a big plus when it comes to art and design.
Throbbing and bristling techno from one of the genre's great lateral thinkers.
Totally bizarre and designed for the lateral thinkers amongst us, Fforde's work is an absolute joy.
They tend to be lateral thinkers when faced with a problem, where Americans tend to rely more on brute force.
Both him and Scotty (Wales skills coach Scott Johnson) are lateral thinkers.
However, they can improvise, and are excellent lateral thinkers due to a creative and independent approach.