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sense organs of fish and amphibians

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It is imagined that, in the utilization of microtube emitters, there is a range of inlet pressures in the line, around an optimal value that allows operation with proper distribution uniformity and, therefore, it is admissible that there are variations in the inlet pressure of lateral lines.
That final rule was noteworthy partly because of what was not in it: a proposal to clarify when a pipeline has to odorize a lateral line whose length is 50% in a Class 1 or Class 2 location.
The North Worcester lateral line will branch off from the main line in Bolton, then be routed through Berlin, Bolyston and possibly parts of Northboro and West Boylston on through to Shrewsbury.
Like legends and world records, one day, relative to lures, lateral lines, and muskies, all may be revealed.
When the researchers blocked both vision and lateral line, blacktip and bonnethead sharks could not follow the odor trail to locate prey, but nurse sharks could.
In an earlier study, Gardiner and Atema found that sharks use what Atema described as a "fantastically sensitive organ" called a lateral line, which runs the length of their bodies and picks up vibrations in the water.
7 Three are light brown with narrow dark lateral lines, epicranial suture and adfrontal sutures, but one is darker brown, with strong dark lateral line and epicranial suture, adfrontals and clypeus dark.
Like most occasions when you start an internet inquiry, you find a great many lateral lines of interest.
ellioti (Herre, 1944) which have lateral lines that extend to the base of the caudal fin, from H.
Most mains are three to eight feet underground; lateral lines from homes attach to main lines.
In adapting to cave life, the fish evidently had come to rely on some nonvisual sensory system--probably their lateral lines, which detect slight water displacement--to make their choices, say Plath and his coworkers.
It was discovered that 52 percent of the private sewer lateral lines were cast iron, six percent were Orangeburg, 19 percent were vitrified clay pipes (VCP), and 23 percent were PVC.
That irregular movement is being picked up by the fish through their lateral lines - sense organs.
From the main line, run lateral lines to each plant.