incubation period

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the period between infection and the appearance of symptoms of the disease

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In addition, the literature mentions a latent stage, which comprises the timespan following infection with T pallidum, characterized by sero-reactivity and no other evidence of the disease.
Given the prolonged latent stage of the syphilis and availability of serological tests with high sensitivity and specificity and very cheap curative treatment, an important factor for evaluating the cost effectiveness and benefit of routine screening for syphilis in a given population, is the seropositivity of the disease in that population1-7,16-17.
To sum up, starting from the latent stage of HIV/AIDS a gradual decrease of CD4 T helper lymphocytes was observed.
The position of Leeuwarden is in the latent stage and, despite all efforts of the municipality of Leeuwarden, the Province of Fryslan and other stakeholders, this position has not changed.
Untreated syphilis progresses to the latent stage, which is asymptomatic and can last for years or even decades.
b) relations between representatives of various ethnic groups, including in-depth conflict in Osh and Jalal-Abad, which has just entered into a latent stage.
West and his team have made a vital discovery in the development of a new drug that could cure TB in the latent stage.
49) to the probability of receiving treatment in the primary, secondary or early latent stage of syphilis.
If left untreated, Syphilis can proceed to the latent stage during which it may have no visible symptoms but can cause irreversible damage to internal organs.
The study included 235 nulliparous women who were in spontaneous labor and requested pain relief while in the latent stage of labor.