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of plants that bloom during the autumn

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Ewan McGregor plays straight man to late-blooming gay dad Christopher Plummer in the undernourished Beginners.
The late-blooming off-spinner who did not play his first international game till he was past 30, Ajmal has winkled out 169 batsmen at 27.
Southampton's > Rickie Lambert has gone from lowerleague journeyman to England international, his late-blooming career mirroring to an extent that of his former manager Alan Pardew, facing page and below in his Crystal Palace days
of Sussex) has located and explained the dynamics of such a late-blooming system and has identified the process as co-evolutionary.
And BBC2's high-octane Springwatch, armed with little more than mating snails, rotting seaweed, late-blooming bluebells, jackdaw thuggery and an osprey love quadrangle, replacing BGT as the best nightly entertainment, with Chris Packham boasting: "Britain might well have talent, but it doesn't have molluscan erotica, does it?
The other guests also praised Peres, with former British prime minister Tony Blair calling the Israeli president Israel's analogy to Britain's queen, and Clinton saying Peres was the social Einstein, a nod to his years in the peace camp and late-blooming embrace of social media.
Skin Care for Athletes by Morning Indigo was developed by a Holistic Aromatherapist and late-blooming endurance athlete.
As for late-blooming lesbians, we know so little, scientifically, about the normative development of sexuality and sexual orientation over the life course that there's really no sure-fire way to distinguish between a woman whose same-sex attractions happened to develop and emerge relatively slowly over the course of her lifetime, reaching full expression only late in life, versus a woman whose attractions actually underwent some change and flexibility overtime.
And if you really want to get scientific about daffodils, bulb plantings composed of early, midseason, and late-blooming varieties will provide a prolonged season--several weeks of continuous daffodil blooms.
Although scoring one and 29 in his first Test in Brisbane, Hussey scored consecutive centuries in his next two matches and went on to score another 17 in his late-blooming career.
50 Pontefract Skybet Summer Festival Pomfret Stakes 1m Listed RUK Card page 48 LATE-BLOOMING Prince Of Johanne seems to be hitting his peak as a six-yearold and steps into Listed company here rather than going for the Betfred Mile at Goodwood, for which he was the sponsor's second favourite behind Trade Commissioner.
Rumer, a late-blooming word-of-mouth success, would probably have fitted more readily in that era - cutting a soft-focus middle ground between Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter, but while her choices are pleasingly off-kilter - from Jimmy Webb's PF Sloan to Isaac Hayes's Soulsville - the renderings are too uniform.
The story of a late-blooming Cirque du Soleil acrobat, "Catching Dreams," won for best feature documentary.
Another new album well worth checking out is Found and Lost by David Waldner, a late-blooming singer/songwriter born in Canada and now based in London who offers an intriguing range of styles and material.
The first major collection of this late-blooming poet who turned from an established career as author of 65 children's books to journeying on the stormy waters of passionate poetry.