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a broad flat muscle on either side of the back

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The synergistic nature of the taxonomy makes assigning each LAT to a single domain difficult and probably impossible but Barkley and Major insist on doing so.
Lat 26[degrees] has sea-tested Carbon Guard via the yacht servicing company, Yacht Surface Restoration, and are confident Carbon Guard by Lat 26[degrees] is the longest lasting polymer-based synthetic wax thats currently available on the market.
NanoAntibiotics, a development stage nano-biotechnology company, has acquired LAT Pharma LLC, of Chicago, Illinois, an early-stage biotechnology company developing novel medicines to treat life-threatening complications of liver cirrhosis.
LAT Pharma is developing novel medicines to treat life-threatening complications of liver cirrhosis.
Lat brings these various personalities to life, making each character reasonably believable.
Administered in English and Hindi, the LAT will assess the candidate's aptitude and not the extent of knowledge in subjects.
Lat hawill, a top-priced 14-1 with Boylesports, was generally 12s, having started the day at 25-1 with Betfred and William hill, although a number of firms had not even quoted him previously.
The European Commission has reported a "smooth and successful" changeover from the lats to the euro in Latvia.
BNA) -- Latvia today became the 18th member of the eurozone by replacing its currency, the Lats, with euro.
Latvia moved a step closer to becoming a full participant in Europe's Economic Monetary Union (EMU) Tuesday as the European Central Bank approved a fixed exchange rate from lats to euros .
The researchers are calling for LAT couples to have the right to 'opt in' to legal recognition - for protection in case of separation or bereavement - and to be taken into account by those providing personal, health and social care services, such as relationship counselling and family support.
In telling the story of the vicissitudes and tribulations of the city, its promoters and detractors as well as its inhabitants, Jennings' history of colonial Da Lat exemplifies the new imperial history both in its achievements and its shortcomings.
The LAT function breathes meaning into litigation management guidelines (LMG), service level agreements (SLAs), and best practices (BPs).
In effect, the Fermi LAT analysis compresses the theoretical box where these particles can hide," said Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif.
Measurement Position Mean Standard Student's p-value Deviation t-test Right Lat MI 1.