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Beyond what Vitrano provides as necessary (and sufficient) conditions for happiness, there will usually be included such things as endurance or lastingness, well-groundedness or rationality, and a richness or depth that takes it beyond mere satisfaction.
Benjamin Busch, a former Marine infantry officer and author of Dust to Dust, called Turner's memoir a "brilliant fever dream of war's surreality, its lastingness, its place in families and in the fate of nations.
Hence, if time (skewed as change) is to image the eternity of the Platonic Forms, the Forms must possess a type of eternity that possesses endurance, lastingness, or unchanging duration, not entirely outside of the constancy of things of which it is intelligible to predicate dates and durations.
And yet, this here: A jar, a tin plate, a half-peeled lemon, Walnuts, a loaf of bread, last--and so strongly It is hard not to believe in their lastingness.
Our greeting is something temporary and temporal, not eschatological--a term that my dear colleague Deacon John Chryssavgis defines not simply as involving the last things of the future, meta-historical and metaphysical, but, rather, the lastingness of things accessible here and now.
Indeed, on Vatters account, their lastingness is precisely what makes them compacts.
With "its ceremonies, superstitions, diseases, the repellent features of its aged folk, the smells, lice, dead dogs, snakes, the lastingness of the brightly-colored but often filthy clothes, the murderous sexual possessiveness" (May, 1972: 110), the Savage Reservation is not attractive to a Fordian culture in which people are manipulated by disciplinary systems.
The most violent thing of all for us is death which jerks us out of a tenacious obsession with the lastingness of our discontinuous being.
The countries that use sophisticated machines to add value to their products perform better because of their products' lastingness.
Process involves fluidity, ephemerality and futility which, in her theory, are standing in opposition to durability, endurance and lastingness which are the characteristics of the man-created artificial world.
The increasingly involvement and concern of the state for stepping up the welfare and social security were sometimes considered, especially by the Marxist thinkers, as being the most ingenious method of extending the lastingness of the western capitalist society.
Implementation of the lastingness principle in German and the Korean right," Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law, Vol.