last hurrah

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a final performance or effort (especially before retirement)


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Tony Jacklin has revealed his love of the links has drawn him back to Turnberry for a last hurrah.
A swan song to a lost era, The Last Hurrah, through the career of fictionalized veteran Mayor Frank Skeffington, whom O'Connor modeled after real-life Boston Mayor James M.
This is thanks to the innovative combat system, and character customisation options that you can transfer to the online experience, all of which makes The Last Story something of a last hurrah for the Wii with new hardware on the horizon.
In FX: Owns high interest paying countries but the last hurrah for owning AUD (Australian Dollar), ZAR (South African Rand), TRY (Turkish Lira).
Macclesfield, but Holt believes his squad still has enough left for one last hurrah.
I RECEIVED AN EMAIL RECENTLY from Ken Thomas, the managing editor of Nursing Economic$, titled "The Last Hurrah.
Christmas could be the last hurrah before people pull in their spending," said Mr Percy, who is chief executive of Solihull-based Accantia Health & Beauty
He has been told that he should deny Tony Blair a last hurrah when he leaves Downing Street for the last time on Wednesday.
This week will be Wilson's last hurrah at KTHV before he heads to central Florida.
It was so bizarre that people were so cut off from reality -- an extreme decadent moment -- the last hurrah before the revolution," says Coppola, who also wrote the script.
It traces the history of the band through archival footage and interviews, the early days of CBGB, the frustration of never making it big, the friction that stayed with the band for years without breaking it up, their success overseas, and their last hurrah, right up to Joey's and Dee Dee's death (but before Johnny's).
The historic initiative is keeping the world's most recognized fighter flying safely as it embarks on its last hurrah.
This may be the last hurrah for great heritage of the professional park ranger, unless an aroused public demands significant increase in funding and a reversion in management philosophies to protect resources while providing enjoyment for the public.
And so I was in that last little glow, that last hurrah when the big shows were still around and one could do comedy banter on stage.