lash together

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bind together with a cord or rope

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan - Taiwan and China inked three trade accords Tuesday as part of a fresh round of negotiations that have set the stage for a landmark partial free trade agreement, a pact promising to further lash together the two economies despite a 60-year rivalry.
The 51-year-old former sub- officer with the fire brigade was attempting to lash together a roofing ladder and an extension ladder when he fell and landed on a concrete floor.
It is evident that the Sirion isn't some lash together job but is a quiet and able little car despite its sub-e14,000 price tag.
A handful of pies that were already in pre-production, including "The Libertine" and "The Constant Gardener," managed to lash together some emergency coin and start shooting pretty much as planned.
Certainly Perlman is right in his observation that someone who tries now to lash together all possible home entertainment sources (CD, MP3, Internet, cable TV, satellite TV, DVD, for starters) faces an unwieldy mass of connections, a multiplicity of remotes that often duplicate each other's functions, duplication of hardware functions, and operational complexity.
Three bundles of rattan (approximately 150 canes) are needed to lash together one lot of logs.
End-users will be able to lash together up to four NT servers into a single "system.
I was trying to lash together a way to reprogram EW equipment.