laser beam

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a beam of light generated by a laser

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Associate professor Rich Mildren notes that changing the color or wavelength of the laser beam can help in better transmission through the atmosphere, as well as in reducing eye hazard for people and animals.
The subject of performance of this contract is the purchase of mirrors for promotion laser beam laser chain L4.
Used in Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, and fiber lasers for cutting, welding, marking, and drilling applications, RMI's new laser beam expanders are available in standard and custom specifications.
Since I am not really a techie but only an interested observer, what one gathers is that early attempts to use laser beams as weapons proved difficult.
The GC has formed a committee, which will soon chart out an implementation plan to address ways to curb the menace of the unlawful use of laser beams.
The complaint says the crew of a Westchester County police helicopter radioed July 3 that they were being hit in the eyes by the laser beam.
We use an ultra-short-pulse laser of modest energy to make a laser beam so intense that it focuses on itself in air and stays focused in a filament," he added.
The data, sent over 50 kilometers (31 miles) on a single laser beam, was coded thanks to a system known as orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) in which the laser beam is divided into separate colour streams.
Regarding the laser beam the most common ways to quantify the beam quality are:
Precision laser beam alignment involves adjusting the beam to accurately maintain the correct relationships between the beam location within the laser component apertures it passes through, the beam direction, and the target.
In this technique, a laser beam is tightly focused on the surface of sample.
A narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line that allows the transparent receiver to determine the position of a machine or subassembly relative to the laser beam.
Unlike earlier generations of sheetfed laser cutters that can only feed sheets under the laser beam intermittently, the Spartanics Finecut Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine picks up sheets and feeds them so that the sheets are continuously moved to the proper position under the laser beam with no stopping or starting delays between sheets.
The countermeasures system is designed to protect C-17s, C-130s, and other large aircraft from infrared-guided surface-to-air missile threats by automatically detecting a missile launch, determining if it is a threat, and activating a high-intensity directed laser beam countermeasure system to track and defeat the threat.
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