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feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness

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While reported rape and acts of lasciviousness cases rose 6.
Also implicated in a separate case is the driver of another labor attache for acts of lasciviousness against an OFW who was temporarily hired as a janitress of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Saudi Arabia.
With the mediation of classical figures and references, images of ignorance, superstition, and backwardness were supplemented with those of erotic fantasy and lasciviousness.
Slade, from Aylesbury, Bucks, was reportedly charged with the island offences of lasciviousness and sexual relations with children.
Not in overwrought lasciviousness, but in adolescent innocence, we celebrate the flesh.
In his protracted denunciation of Zola as a degenerate artist, Nordau specifically mentions the lasciviousness portrayed in Nana in support of his claim that Zola's bestselling novels owe "their success [only] to the lowest instincts of the masses, [and] to its brutish passion for the sight of crime and voluptuousness" (1993, 504).
Patton weaves together the culture and the history of a small southern town in a tale of greed, ambition, love, hate and lasciviousness during the fall of the once grandest house in Hebron, Georgia.
Anthony captured the same clownish lasciviousness with which you imbued your faces at that time, and he brought that cheekiness to many of his other pictures too.
The City Prosecution Office has charged the 37-year-old with rape and acts of lasciviousness, according to the Cebu-based Sun Star newspaper.
096) and acts of lasciviousness (572) while sexual exploitation numbered 474 cases (victims of prostitution-296, pedophilia-89, pornography-14, cyber pornography-75) as recorded by the DSWD.
Even the most serious of shindigs is turned into a potential paradise of lip-led lasciviousness.
It is this image that has become synonymous with a past of sexual exploitation and lasciviousness, and likewise, that has presented opportunity for ruminating on the phenomenon of young black women playing the roles of "video vixen" or "ghetto chicks.
Many of them blame the West for tainting India with lasciviousness, but they're pointing a finger in the wrong direction, Doniger writes.
Acts of lasciviousness were filed against him before the Agusan del Norte provincial prosecutor's office last August 24.
I do understand the deeply partisan attitudes that this generation is sparring against and trying to win over to its side, for its very survival depends upon sustaining the attention of an audience incessantly cannonaded by the insipid valorization of inane images swelling with lasciviousness and hollow promises of instant gratification.