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Valissa Julietta Bauer said that she harmed her larynx and is therefore suing the government with 400,000 dollars in damages claiming that she was not given sufficient help.
The research team discovered that the connection between the larynx and the ear via the stylohyal bone in the hyoid chain was unique to bats that used laryngeal echolocation.
In comparative studies of mammals ranging from dolphins to apes, using dissections and X-ray movies, they find that a relatively straight, unflexed basicranium indicates a larynx positioned high in the neck.
6,7) Giant cell tumors of the larynx typically occur within the laryngeal skeleton.
The larynx contains two paired paraganglia, superior and inferior, which are located along the course of the superior and recurrent laryngeal nerves, respectively.
Independent investigator studies (a) have reported that ALA may be used to both identify and to remove dysplasia within the oral cavity and larynx.
The phase III trial (IMCL-9815) examined the impact of combining ERBITUX with high-dose radiation on locoregional disease control and overall survival in 424 patients with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx (area of the throat at the back of the mouth), larynx (voice box) or hypopharynx (cavity at the back of the mouth that opens into the esophagus) that has spread through the head and neck region.
Oncocytic cysts of the larynx are rare, benign, slowly growing lesions.
This gives the practitioner a clear view along the airway and allows him or her to use a conventional, rigid device to introduce a tube into the larynx.
Ductal cysts of the larynx arise from the submucous glands when the ducts of these glands are occluded.
Additional new equipment introduced by the Company for ear, nose and throat physicians include an advanced micromanipulator for larynx surgery, and an endoscopic CO2 laser fiber delivery system which allows surgical procedures to be performed in outpatient or private clinics rather than in hospitals.
The swelling obscured the entire glottis and partially rotated the larynx to the left (figure, A).
One device that has been used to rehabilitate olfactory function in these patients is the larynx bypass.
Leiomyosarcoma of the larynx is an extremely rare entity.
There are other inflammatory nerve conditions and tumours affecting the nerves supplying the larynx that could cause a change to the bark and coughing while eating and drinking.