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the lower part of the pharynx

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Rather, ensuring and maintaining a settled, open, or neutral laryngopharynx will contribute enough of that mixed quality to the composite result to avoid the need for heavy active modification and the unnecessary reduction in high frequency components that accompanies lip rounding.
In addition, signs of gastroesophageal reflux can be found in the laryngopharynx of up to 86% of healthy individuals, further complicating the clinical picture.
The antibiotic regimen made significant improvements in the laryngeal oedema (Fig 2), resolution of necrosis and inflammation of the laryngopharynx.
More than 60% of NHLs of the head and neck occur in extra nodal sites, such as the paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity, oral cavity, sali-vary glands, and laryngopharynx.
The upper airway consists of the pharynx, which is composed of the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx.
The 16 cm of jejunum was anastomosed end-to-side to the laryngopharynx proximally and end-to-end to the normal colon at the level of the sternal notch distally (Fig.
The human tissue array included liver, brain, lung, kidney, spleen, testis, ovary, heart, pancreas, uterus, breast, cervix, rectum, prostate, thyroid, laryngopharynx, stomach, and skin.
The lower part of the pharynx, or the laryngopharynx, divides into two passages; food swallowed with the aid of muscles located in the oropharynx continues downward into the esophagus, but air flows forward and through the larynx.
lens thyroid cell glomeruli skin alveoli tonsil oculus limb mandible lung tricuspid ulna cerumen thumb esophagus molar talus vein glottis spine jejunum throat epiglottis muscles mitochondrion kidneys coccyx retina hypothalamus triceps sebum sternum thalamus spleen metacarpals keratin phalanges sacrum insula femur intercilium platelets xiphoid arteries calcaneus knuckle peroneus incisor epicondyle intestine diencephalon tibia brachioradiaiis epidermis thyrohyoideum cartilage cholangioles vertebra platysma chromosomes gastrocnemius cornea acetabulum dendrites laryngopharynx melanin sternocleidomastoid capillaries genioglossus bronchi glossopharyngeum diaphragm olecranon abdomen pterygopalatine larynx coracobrachial trachea iliopsoas
acetabulum laryngopharynx sternocleidomastoid genioglossus
lens cell skin tonsil limb lung ulna thumb molar vein spine throat muscle kidneys retina triceps sternum spleen keratin sacrum femur platelets arteries knuckle incisor intestine tibia epidermis cartilage vertebra chromosomes cornea dendrites melanin capillaries bronchi diaphragm abdomen larynx trachea thyroid glomeruli alveoli oculus mandible tricuspid cerumen esophagus talus glottis jejunum epiglottis mitochondrion coccyx hypothalamus sebum thalamus metacarpals phalanges insula intercilium xiphoid calcaneus peroneus epicondyle diencephalon brachioradialis thryrohyoideum cholagioles platysma gastrocnemius acetabulum laryngopharynx sternocleidomastoid genioglossus glossopharyngeum olecranon pterygopalatine coracobrachialis iliopsoas
Differential diagnosis of Eagle's syndrome include unerupted molar tooth, dental prosthesis implantation, disease of the temporomandibular joint, tumours in the oropharynx and laryngopharynx.