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surgical removal of part or all of the larynx (usually to treat cancer of the larynx)

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In a laryngectomy patient, the only communication between the oral cavity and the trachea is the TOF, and the only airway is the permanent stoma in the neck.
Noting that he had undergone total laryngectomy for cancer 7 years earlier, Monaco wrote, ".
An early study concerning psychosocial factors and speech after laryngectomy (Amster, Love, Menzel Sandler, Sculthorpe, & Gross, 1972) failed to mention both the issue of health services and social needs, as well as the notion of self- help in the laryngectomized population.
The main product category is rehabilitation tools for patients who have undergone a total laryngectomy, which is the surgical removal of the larynx (voicebox).
In September 2014 Donal and his family met with Prof Paul O'Neill, who said his only option was a laryngectomy.
Stage 1 and 2 were treated with RT/Laser assisted excision, stage 3 and 4 were treated with combined modality of treatment (Total laryngectomy followed by radiotherapy/chemoradiation.
Orocutaneous fistula (OCF) and pharyngocutaneous fistula (PCF) are known complications of head and neck surgeries, and they are the most common complications of total laryngectomy.
Respectivamente em ingles: larynx, voice, dysphonia, speech alaryngeral, laryngectomy, quality of life, quality of voice, laryngectomy partial, voice disorders, head and neck neoplasms.
Peter Holloway runs the North Wales Laryngectomy Club, which counsels and supports those facing the traumatic treatment.
For support and help in dealing with their condition, or anybody who is going to have a laryngectomy can benefit enormously from our support and help at this difficult and trying time in their lives.
He also had his voicebox removed and had a permanent laryngectomy stoma fitted to enable him to speak.
Mehrman, a tobacco education consultant and former broadcaster who has to speak through a device placed on his throat and breathes through a hole in his chest after having a laryngectomy years ago.
This retrospective--prospective study included 16 patients of the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, Clinical Center of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, who, after having been diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the larynx, underwent total laryngectomy.
A laryngectomy is the most effective treatment for patients with advanced throat cancer, but it is an invasive procedure that results in the loss of the ability to speak.