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a chemical used to kill larval pests

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Petroleum and methanol extracts have already been identified as toxic to many mosquito species with larvicidal and anti-oviposition activities (Rahuman et al.
Molluscicidal and larvicidal activities of Atriplex inflata aerial parts against the mollusk Galba truncatula, intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica.
Keywords: Seaweed extract, Larvicidal effect, Artemia salina, Enteromorpha linza, Gelidium amansii.
Larvicidal potential of seagrass extracts against dengue vecor aedes aegypti (Insecta: Diptera: Culicidae).
Evaluation of larvicidal activity of medicinal plant extracts against three mosquito vectors.
Ether and aqueous extract of leaves of the Adhatoda vasica proved effective against larvicidal and ovicidal activity of Nematodes.
The Swat district administration started larvicidal activities in the high risk union councils by covering all the drains and ponds with pesticides in April 2014, when the larvae hatch.
The peels of citrus also had been studied and reported to have several antibacterial, [5] antioxidant, [6] larvicidal, pupicidal, repellent, and adulticidal pharmacological activities.
0]) was rejected and it could be concluded that there was larvicidal activity of Syzigium polyanthum W.
These teams carried out larvicidal sprays at 209 and fogging activity at 262 potential breeding sites of dengue mosquito, while spraying activity has been done at 538 different places of the Federal Capital.
The number of emerging flies was recorded and the larvicidal activity was recorded as the percentage.
To this end, the current trend is the exploration of natural products of plant origin with larvicidal properties.