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long-winged web-footed aquatic bird of the gull family

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Intraclutch variation in egg size for the majority of studied larid species was negatively correlated with fledging success and decreased with the age of parents (Sydeman and Emslie 1992).
Most studied larid species were found to follow the central-periphery model of nest distribution.
Wu J, Larid DA, Thompson ML (1999) Sorption and desorption of copper on soil clay components.
Sexual size dimorphism and parental care patterns in a monomorphic and dimorphic larid.
Head-to-bill length and bill depth often are the most important measurements in discriminant functions for seabirds, especially larids (Hanners and Patton 1985, Van Franeker and Ter Braak 1993, Phillips and Furness 1997, Mawhinney and Diamond 1999, Torlaschi et al.