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a long noosed rope used to catch animals

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of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign have created lariat RNA employing artificial deoxyribozymes (DNA) enzymes.
The tempo, which at first seems uniform, is in fact delightfully variable, accelerating through gooseneck curves and then slowing into lariats and culs-de-sac.
Unlike cowboy lariats however, this newest look is dainty, using fine gold or silver chain finished with a pretty often bejewelled charm to add a Christmas sparkle.
Lassoes, Lariats, I choose neither of you, and both.
Photographs that reveal unsuspected genetic lariats at the ends of chromosomes have added a scientific spin to an old cliche.
Instead of the traditional lederhosen and dirndls seen in every tourist poster, the costumed Germans tossing chocolate bars from the passing floats were decked out in cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, twirling lazy lariats and pearl-handled six shooters