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a long noosed rope used to catch animals

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But the cell quickly splices out the introns, which are released into the cytoplasm as little loops, or lariats.
Included are images of cowboy boots, spurs, saddles, hats, and lariats, as well as cattle brands, the badges of lawmen, western textiles, architectural details, and mechanical devices.
PARKER RANCH: The Parker Ranch Museum & Visitor Center is predominantly a portrait gallery of the Parker family tree, but the paniolo legacy is preserved in exhibits of vintage saddles, bridles, branding irons and leather lariats.
To celebrate the festive season and add some real sparkle this Christmas, the Evening Gazette has teamed up with Warren James to give away 10 fabulous real sterling silver crystal heart lariats worth more than pounds 30 each.
The tempo, which at first seems uniform, is in fact delightfully variable, accelerating through gooseneck curves and then slowing into lariats and culs-de-sac.